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by Ms. Willow Oberbrunner DDS 5 min read

How does York College work with parents and families?

So that we can be effective partners in guiding the student’s academic journey, York College encourages students to openly and candidly discuss their educational experiences with parents and families. Only with such open, honest dialog can parents and families fully support their student and help guide them to appropriate resources.

How does York College notify parents of student financial issues?

While York College will not notify parents or legal guardians of student grades, academic actions, and financial matters or conduct violations, students are encouraged to disclose such issues in a timely manner. Students may opt to issue on-line proxy access to their educational and financial records.

What is the York Catholic parent involvement committee?

We value partnering with you—as supportive partners in the home, Church, volunteers in our schools, serving on Catholic School Council, or serving on York Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (YCPIC) . Whatever your contribution we are all supporting learning environments for students that are shaped by Catholic beliefs and values.

How does the parent proxy account work for students?

Through the parent proxy account, parents can access information including warning grades, final grades, pay deposits, and view/pay eBills. Students set up the account using the parent email address and a PIN. The student determines and authorizes what information is available to view by the parent.


Parent 101 Session

This session is designed for Parents and Caregivers to learn about supports that their new York University student will need. Topics include Student Finances, Student Wellness supports, information on Orientation programming as well as tips about Virtual Learning.

College Specific Parents & Family Orientation Sessions

At York University, each undergraduate program belongs to a college which provides academic and social support throughout a student's time here.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

Below are the links for the Free and Reduced Lunch Applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Please note that these can be found on the website all year long under “Parents” and then “Forms.”

Transportation for 2021-2022

For all students requiring transportation during the 2021-2022 school year:


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Peachjar Eflyers

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