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by Elody Olson II 8 min read

How do I contact Chester Academy for help with the portal?

Note: If you are having issues logging into the portal, please contact the Chester Academy Main Office for assistance at 845 469 2231 for such questions. For any/all questions of assignments in the portal, please contact the teacher directly. If you do not get an answer, please contact the Guidance Office or the school secretary for such questions.

When will the SchoolTool gradebook be used in Chester Elementary schools?

2014-2015: In 2014-15, grade 3-5 teachers at Chester Elementary School (CES) will be trained to begin using the SchoolTool Gradebook / Parent Portal. CES Principal Ms. Walsh spoke to her teachers in these grade levels and it was decided to begin use of the Gradebook for 2014-15.

How many parent evenings were held at Chester Academy?

Two parent evenings were again held at Chester Academy. As forms were received and verified, parents/guardians began receiving emails with their temporary passwords to start accessing the portal. * March 2012 - Our goal for March is to next mail home Parent Portal information packets to all parents/guardians of Eighth and Eleventh graders.

What is the parent portal and how does it work?

The Parent Portal is a tool specifically developed for parents of students in grades 3-12. Chester County School District is excited to offer a means for parents to monitor their child's grades and attendance, sign up for electronic progress reports, view school bulletins, and even receive email notifications through an online portal.


What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

The PowerSchool Parent Portal requires a unique username and password to access individual student information. There will be one student access code and password assigned for EACH student in the family.

What browsers are compatible with PowerSchool?

Compatible web browsers include: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal can be found by selecting the link on the High Schools parent web page.

Can parents send email notifications?

Parent/guardians may elect to have email notifications sent to them. By clicking on the Email notification icon they can schedule when they would like to receive emails and in what format they would like the information. Students will not see this icon when logged in through the student account.