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by Gretchen Walker 8 min read

NOTICE - House Bill 91

Governor Deal signed House Bill 91 into law effective March 30, 2015. This law retroactively eliminates the Georgia High School Graduation Test as a requirement for high school graduation.

Parent Links

Pay fees online for technology, media center, lunch, and sports/clubs. You can pay with a PayPal account or a debit/credit card if you do not use PayPal.

Stay Connected

Connect with Salem Schools -- anytime, anywhere with our free mobile app. More information and download links.

New Students

All new student registrations start with an online application system.


The Volunteer Program works to support the administration and the staff in their efforts to promote the development of strong character, a sense of community, and the exploration of opportunities. We encourage the volunteer spirit from home and school, working together for mutual benefit between our high school and the community.

Can parents receive email when student balance dips?

Parents can opt to receive an email when a student balance dips to certain threshold (set by the parent). Parents can opt to use an auto-replenishment feature which replenishes their student account (s) when a balance dips to a specific level (which is specified by the parent).

Can parents review what their students are actually purchasing along with account balance information?

Parents can review what their students are actually purchasing along with account balance information. PaySchools supports increased communication between the school & the parents. Features. Account balance information is readily available to the parents, the school and the lunch staff.

Can you enter email address for xxxxxx?

However, you can enter any email address as long as it is in the form of,, as a place-holder (if you don’t currently have a valid email account) and your account will be created. You will not be able to retrieve user names and passwords, but you will have full access to your students’ information.