safekey parent portal

by Mrs. Christiana Mante DDS 4 min read

What is SafeKey?

Safekey is a before- and after-school youth enrichment program that is part of the city’s Strong Schools initiative. Safekey offers opportunities for learning beyond the school bell and is designed for children ages 5-11 attending kindergarten through fifth grades. It is offered at 70 elementary schools within the city.

Is SafeKey registration open for 2021-2022?

Safekey Registration for the 2021 - 2022 School Year is now open! Reinvent After-School Program Registration is now open! *If your child attends Cambiero, Detwiler, Hancock, McWilliams, Pittman, Red Rock or Warren Elementary School, registration is now open for the Reinvent After-school program. Safekey will no longer be offered at these locations.

What childcare subsidy programs does SafeKey accept?

Safekey accepts the following childcare subsidy programs: Las Vegas Urban League, Desert Regional Center, Inter-Tribal Council of Southern Nevada, Inc., East Valley Family Services and Employer Child Care Reimbursement. Subsidy certificates must be processed by the Safekey office before discounts can be applied.

Where can I display'we use SafeKey'signage?

Businesses and organizations that use SafeKey must display 'We Use SafeKey signage in a visible location like a store window and on their website so that their customers and service users can see what services or activities require a valid COVID-19 SafeKey.


What is the public health act?

The Public Health Act 1949 and all subsequent amendments to the Public Health (Covid-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021 and the Public Health (COVID-19) Regulations 2020. The Quarantine Act 2017 and all subsequent amendments to the Quarantine (COVID-19) (NO. 3) Order 2020.

Can you scan a QR code for a safe key?

The COVID-19 SafeKey has a QR code that can be scanned with almost any electronic device with a camera connected to either a data plan or an internet service. The QR code can only be read when you go to The QR code provides one's initials and the month and day of their date of birth.

Can you get a safekey from a private lab?

Note- residents who get tested through a private lab may not have access to Safekey, depending on where test results are processed. If you plan to get tested through a private lab because you require a SafeKey, check with the lab first if the results include a Safekey.

Is there a curfew in Bermuda in 2021?

Note: as of June 20th 2021 Bermuda moved into Phase 4 and there is no curfew.