malvern college isams parent portal

by Murl Keebler 3 min read

Is Malvern a good school?

Boarding & Wellbeing When you’re part of the Malvern family, you are always at home. News & Events Our latest news, events and an opportunity to listen to our podcast series. Wrapped in the warm embrace of the glorious Malvern Hills, Malvern College is regarded as one of England’s great independent schools.

Why Malvern College Egypt?

Malvern College Egypt strives to be the leading independent co-educational day school of its scale and type in Egypt, and seeks to develop happy, balanced individuals who will achieve personal fulfillment at university, at work and in society at large..

Why alumni of Malvern?

With an admired and distinguished history, Malvern alumni have helped to shape the modern world of science, sport, literature and the arts for generations. Although we are a long way from 1865, when the College was founded, some things will never change.

Why should I set up a parental control portal?

You can also access valuable information such as how many visitors the site has and other useful stats, and once it’s set up it needs hardly any maintenance. You’re able to send parents a letter with a simple activation code so they can register and use the portal.


What is Parent Portal?

Parent Portal gives you everything you need to keep all parents and guardians constantly updated on the data your school holds on their child. This creates excellent communication, provides extensive information and gives them constant peace of mind. You can customise to your own school’s style and content, and every action is logged.

What is portal statistics?

You can customise navigation to include content from other sites or services. Portal Statistics. Log every action on the portal and the management module. Includes useful statistics information such as hits by time, day, month etc as well as navigation, content usage, errors and bandwidth. Parental Registration.

Can parents check invoices online?

Parents can view and check the status of invoices online, download invoices, view past invoices and make online payments at their own convenience. Minimal School Input. Includes tools to allow the parent to reset their password, and recover their username if they forget it. School Life.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is your parents’ doorway into school life, giving them a much clearer and more detailed picture than many will get from their children. You decide what content to provide, and the portal gives you statistics about how that content is accessed.

Student Portal

The Student Portal makes communication with students immediate and easy, and the built-in statistics area shows you who’s reading what and when, so you can track engagement.

Admissions Portal

Take your admissions process online, tailored to your precise preferences. The iSAMS Admissions Portal sits on your own school website, so would-be parents can complete enquiries quickly.