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by Brandon Larson 6 min read

Why choose NAS Dubai for your international curriculum?

At NAS Dubai, our unique international curriculum combines world-renowned education frameworks with a personalised approach to learning. Our Early Years and Primary curriculums are based on the National Curriculum of England.

Why choose American International Schools in Dubai?

We are one of the few mid-market American International Schools in Dubai offering advanced placement courses for high school students and have some of the best indoor and outdoor sports facilities for any schools in the UAE. We offer flexible payment options and provide discounts to families with more than 2 children enrolled with us.

Why join NAS?

Today, NAS remains the trusted partner of many insurance companies for the medical insurance administration of their members across the region, a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our relentless focus over the years on making high quality healthcare accessible in an affordable manner is a testament to our commitment to the population we serve.


Claims Management

NAS offers its customers a comprehensive claims management solution covering the complete claim cycle. As a leader in the application

Integrated IT Solutions

NAS deploys a state-of-the-art suite of integrated online software solutions comprising of various modules developed to support all aspects of healthcare benefits management.


Analytics services at NAS apply data mining to discover meaningful patterns and trends with the aim of predicting and advising on ways to improve business performance.


Through our market expertise and service quality, we have established ourselves as a TPA favored by a range of reinsurers, while always maintaining our position of independence to the benefit of our clients.

Service Quality

Our commitment to service quality keeps NAS ahead of the competition. By adhering to the levels of service required in administering the high profile portfolios of local and international insurers, we have enabled a culture of service quality to thrive throughout our organization.


We field a team of professionals accumulating years of first-hand experience in the insurance and healthcare benefits management industry, including a high proportion of physicians and healthcare professionals.


To be the leading Third Party Administrator in the GCC by continuously improving our performance in every sphere of our activities to the benefit of our customers and their members.

Principal's Message

Learning is a fundamental right of every human being in general and every child in particular. Every child deserves to succeed academically. The educational institutions around the world desire to achieve excellence in performance which comes through students’ success.

About New Academy School

The New Academy School, NAS was established in September 1990. The school is managed by Atticus Education L.L.C. The school is a legal for‐profit entity whose purpose is to provide a high quality education services for students of different nationalities.

Stay Connected with our Smart Apps

Download the mobile app of New Academy School, Dubai, today to stay connected, parents can now access their child's all updates on mobile.

Campus & Facilities

Including one of the largest real-grass sports fields of any school in Dubai, swimming pools, a tennis court, and an indoor dance studio.

Latest School News

Our students and students across the UAE have successfully finished their first Monday-Friday school week. They are excited about the extra time on weekends and have already started planning their

We are part of a global group of schools

We are truly international working in partnerships within and across regions, cultures and languages.