onslow county parent portal

by Emerson Schimmel Sr. 7 min read

What is PowerSchool’s parent portal?

Onslow County is introducing Parent Portal. A new way for parents to keep up with their students' academics. What will PowerSchool’s Parent Portal allow me to see from home?

Why join Onslow County Parks and Recreation?

Onslow County Parks and Recreation youth sports leagues are volunteer-driven. Each league is made up of volunteers. All league volunteers are dedicated to providing a positive athletic experience for all participants. Parents are required to treat all volunteers with respect.

What is the parent portal and how does it work?

PS's Parent Portal provides real-time access to parents to view their child's grades, attendance, assignments and more. How do I navigate to the different sections in the Parent Portal?

How do I request a login for PS's Parent Portal?

To request a login for PS's Parent Portal, you may download the Parent Portal Request Form from the previous webpage or pick up up the form at your child's school. Please be prepared to present a copy of a picture id to verify your identify. What will PS's Parent Portal allow me to see from my computer?


Attendance Notes and Information

Attending school on a regular basis is crucial for the academic growth and well-being of our students. Keeping up with your child's attendance is very important. You may email a parent excuse note to our data manager, Mrs. Knight. Her email is juachita.knight@onslow.k12.nc.us. Please include:

Military Deployment Checklist

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.