my ed bc parent portal

by Noemie Marks 10 min read

What is myedbc Parent Portal?

MyEducation BC (MyEdBC) PARENT PORTAL provides parents with a new way to access their child's school information directly online. With this portal account, you will be able to view attendance, term grades, and other information about your child (ren).

Why does the Vancouver School Board have a parent portal?

The Vancouver School Board is committed to parent, family and community engagement, and it is our hope that by providing this tool on our website that we are making our information more accessible to families whose first language is not English and thereby enabling better engagement in public education.

What information can I see about my child (ren) on myeducationbc?

With this portal account, you will be able to view attendance, term grades, and other information about your child (ren). The MyEducationBC application is a secure portal used in most school districts in the province of BC.

How do I get a parent report card?

Report Cards are posted electronically by PDF in the Parent portal. Parents will need to set up an account to use the Reporting Parent Portal. Please click on the links below to access instructions, tips, and resources.


How do I access my ED BC?

You can log on to MyEdBC Family Portal from any computer that connects to the internet.Find the MyEdBC link at our website. ( your login ID and Password.The first time you log on, you will be prompted to change your password.

What is the login ID for MyEdBC?

Your Login ID: Student – Parents – this is the email you provided to the school. Login Tips: The Temporary Password: DO NOT copy/paste the password – the copy process sometimes adds a space.

Why is my my ED account disabled?

Accounts are disabled after 5 invalid log in attempts. If you forget your password after it has been created, select the “I forgot my password” on the log in screen. This will prompt you for the answer to the security question you created in order to reset your password.

What is MyEd BC?

MyEducation BC (MyEd BC) is a secure student information system set up by the province of BC. Security is guided by the rules and regulations of the School Act and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA). Both parents and students have access to the MyEd Family Portal.

How do you login to school portal?

0:084:03How to Access Your Student Portal - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipPortal. If it's your first time accessing your portal go ahead and look up account or reset passwordMorePortal. If it's your first time accessing your portal go ahead and look up account or reset password. Click ok enter in your last name and your full social security number or your student id.

What is MYED username?

Your username will be your universal username (UUN) that you use to login to other services such as email. For students, your UUN is always your matriculation number prefixed by the letter "s" e.g. s0912345.

How do I Undisable my ED BC account?

Your account will be disabled if you mistype your password 5 times, or mistype the answer to your security question 3 times. Tip: Try 3 passwords and then use the “I forgot my password” link so that you don't get disabled. Clicking “I forgot my password” will pop up a password reset box.

How do I reset my ED BC?

To reset a student password, go to School View > School top tab > Setup side tab > Options > Password Reset: Click the drop-down arrow to change the value for “Staff” from Yes to No.

Why can't I log into MYED?

In your email, please state that it is your account that has expired, not your password. If you get this big red X with the password reset screen behind it, this just means that the original, or temporary password has expired, and you need to make your own personal password.

What does RM mean on a transcript?

Upon successful attainment of the Graduation Transitions Program, "Requirement Met (RM)" will be recorded on the student's transcript.

How do I check my grades on MYED?

Start by clicking on the icon under the Grades column beside the course section. You will see something like the screen shown here. You can go to the same place by clicking on the Gradebook top-tab and Scores side-tab. At the top it shows you what course section and what term you are entering marks for.

What does tardy mean in school?

coming late to schoolBeing tardy means coming late to school after the school day officially starts. Schools have different definitions and policies for tardiness. But, all schools count multiple late arrivals toward an unexcused absence.

How do I reset Myedbc password?

Enter a new password. At least one number • At least one capital and lowercase letter • At least one symbol that is not a letter or number • Cannot contain password, login name, first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, personal id, or only sequential letters or numbers. Enter the new password again. Click OK.

How many absences are allowed in a school year in BC?

After three (3) unexcused absences within any month of the current school year, a conference will be held between the principal, student and parent to analyze the causes of the student's absenteeism.