nha parent portal login

by Jesse Adams 9 min read

What is the NHA Parent Portal?

The NHA Parent Portal allows parents and guardians to access their child's information online through their computer or smart phone. Here you will find information on how to create an account, log in to your account, and troubleshoot issues that you may be having with your NHA Parent Portal account.

How to create a parent portal?

To create a Parent Portal account, go to your school's website or use our School Finder to locate your school website. On your school website, click on the "Parent Portal" link in the top right corner. Then click on “create an account” and follow the steps.

How to access the volunteer form?

To access the form, go to the school website and click on the “Beyond the Classroom” tab. Under the tab, click on “Volunteer.”. On the Volunteer page you will find a link to the Community Volunteer Form.

Where are my child's forms?

Forms are located in the Parent Portal. To fill out your child's forms, log in to the Parent Portal. After you have logged in, click on your child. Then, click on the Forms tab at the bottom of the page.

Who is the primary caretaker of a minor?

A legal guardian acts as the primary caretaker of a child or minor. This person may be personally selected by the child's biological parents or appointed by the court. My child's grandparent would like to volunteer at the school.

Can I download Parent Portal?

Yes. You can download our app by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play . Instructions can also be found here. When I log in to my Parent Portal account, I can't see my child.