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When can I apply for a school place in Knowsley?

This is where Knowsley residents can apply for a school place for the annual (bulk) in-take in September. Please carefully read the guidance throughout the application process. Primary Applications 2022 - The closing date for applications is Saturday 15 January, 2022.

When will I receive my Knowsley allocation result?

Knowsley residents who applied on-line via the application portal will receive an email or can login to the parent portal on 1 March to receive their allocation result. Those who applied by paper application form will be sent a letter with their result.

Where can I find supplementary information forms for Knowsley schools?

Supplementary information forms for Knowsley schools are available directly from the individual schools or can be found on the supplementary information form page Attendance at open events can be helpful in obtaining information about the schools you are interested in and to help decide on preferences.


Applications received after the allocation process has begun

Late applications received after the initial allocation process has begun will not normally be considered by Knowsley schools until the initial allocation process is complete.

Change of preference after the closing date

A change of preference after the closing date will normally only be accepted if there are substantial/exceptional reasons, for example a house move to another area.

Other changes of circumstances

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to make sure the information on their application is correct and up-to-date.


Late Applications

Change of Preference

Primary School Admission – Reception Classes

Secondary School Transfer – Year 7

  • Email: Telephone contacts: Primary & Secondary school admissions – 0151 443 5142/5143 In Year Admissions – 0151 443 3372/3373 Write to: Knowsley Council School Admissions Education Improvement Team PO Box 21 Municipal Buildings Archway Road Huyton Knowsley L36 9YU.
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