jack rabbit parent portal

by Elena Lynch 4 min read

What can you do with the Jackrabbit Parent Portal?

You can even add a personal message for families to read when they log in. Live streaming classes via Spot TV is available through the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. Assign video streaming cameras and manage access to customers through seamless and secure integration. Organize and share events online with Jackrabbit Dance.

How do I add the parent portal to my website?

Access to your Parent Portal can be added to your website using a simple hyperlink (no plug-ins required or needed). The best place to add the link is in your website Header so it's accessible from every page on your site. If you can not alter your header, then the Home page and any Registration pages should be used.

What is the Jackrabbit Plus program?

Jackrabbit Plus delivers your program all the value of Jackrabbit Class with the added bonus of your own custom branded app. It will help you streamline the overall management of classes, tuition, events and more while enhancing your customer’s experience. Your Brand. Your App. Save more than just money.

How does jackrabbit Notify me when an absence is scheduled?

When set to YES, Jackrabbit will send an additional email notification to the email address you enter advising that an absence has been scheduled. Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings - Organization Defaults for more details.


Display Settings

Click Go to the Parent Portal quick link to access the portal login page. Be sure Activate Portal check box is checked, this activates the Parent Portal access and will automatically add a link Already a customer? Click here to login to the top of your Online Registration form too!

Fees & Payments Settings

These options control which transaction details are displayed for a transaction in the transaction history in the Billing & Payments section of the Parent Portal.

My Classes Settings

These settings control what information is displayed in the class 'cards' seen in My Schedule (Dashboard) and when you view the student, under Enrollmen t. If a student is on a waitlist for a class, the class will be shown below the enrolled Classes.

Accepting Donations

Jackrabbit offers the ability to collect charitable donations from your families in the parent portal and allows you to set the donation amounts.

How to enroll students in a class in a parent portal?

In order for your parents to enroll students into classes in the Portal, the Classes checkbox must be selected in your Parent Portal Settings. The Enroll Students option must also be selected (Gear icon > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings tab> Class Enrollment Settings). Refer to Set Up the Parent Portal for more information.

Does a class add to cart complete enrollment?

A confirmation that the class has been added to their cart will display in a pop-up. Adding a class to the cart does NOT COMPLETE the class enrollment. At this point the class is only added to the cart and the parent is taken back to the listing where they can continue to select classes and add them to their cart.

Does Holly Ager go to the cart?

Holly Ager adds a Hip Hop class to her cart; it only has one opening left. She does not go to the cart to compete the enrollment because she wants to look for other classes.

How does the Parent Portal benefit your customers?

The biggest benefits of the Parent Portal are definitely for your customers. And we all know that happy parents = happy owners.

How does the Parent Portal benefit your dance teachers and staff?

Not only does the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal benefit your dance families but it also benefits you, your teachers, and your office staff. It’s literally a win for everyone involved!

About the Author: Amber Smith

With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Education team, Amber develops Best Practices, communicates upcoming enhancements, and moderates the Jackrabbit Software Users Group on Facebook.

Can families sign up for birthday parties?

Families can view and sign up for parties, birthday parties, special events, parents’ night out and other activities. Email confirmations go automatically to the person who signed up and the appropriate staff. Share a dynamic online calendar showing available events.

Can Jackrabbit Dance be included in a website?

It’s fast and easy to include it in your website. Matching your site’s look and feel, Jackrabbit Dance can include your logo, fonts and colors. Whatever your dance studio’s web style, Jackrabbit Dance can express it. Installs with just one line of HTML code (we’ll help with this).

What Is Jackrabbit Plus?

Jackrabbit Plus delivers your studio all the value of Jackrabbit Class with the added bonus of your own custom branded app. It will help you streamline the overall management of classes, tuition, events and more while enhancing your customer’s experience.

Your Brand. Your App

Save more than just money. Jackrabbit Plus is the easiest way to save time by fully integrating with the same platform that manages your center’s classes, tuition, billing, enrollment, recitals, costumes, events and communication with staff and families.

Parent Portal Integration

Jackrabbit Plus offers seamless integration with your existing Jackrabbit Parent Portal. Upgrading your subscription to Jackrabbit Plus allows your families to access class and event info, bill pay, punch cards and student info in one convenient location.

Unlimited Content

It’s your brand and your app should represent it to the fullest! You can schedule push notifications and add class offerings, events, photos, social feeds and more! Add content when you want, as often as you want and with the click of a button, your content is live.

Targeted Push Notifications

Use the power of Jackrabbit Plus to send targeted notifications to your families and staff. Send or schedule unlimited, engaging and effective notifications while driving app users to your content with action buttons. Create opt-in groups or pass protected groups for families, staff and other categories.

Google Calendar Integration

Seamless integration with one or more of your Google calendars allows app users to view your schedule and event details, get directions to events and subscribe to your calendars.

Photos & Socials All In One Place

Put all of your media in one convenient place for quick and easy access. Organize your photos and add your social accounts. When users select to view your social content, they’ll be taken directly to the social app selected.