q parent portal missoula

by Dr. Jacklyn Treutel 3 min read

What is the attendance section of a student's profile?

The attendance section of a student’s profile is the hub of all attendance related information. It includes an attendance summary by reason, attendance summary by class, and in-depth attendance details.

What is the welcome screen on a student?

This screen is essentially a menu, listing all of the individual students whose information is accessible to you.

What is Q ParentConnection?

Q ParentConnection is a powerful online tool available through the Missoula County Public School’s website. It provides parents and guardians with instant and direct access to their student’s pertinent school data via a secure website. Access to Q ParentConnection enables parents and guardians to view their student’s: GPA, individual assignment grades, attendance records, transcripts, and much more!

Where is the navigation menu on a student's profile?

A navigation menu will then appear on the left hand side of that profile. This menu will allow access to the all of the various sections of information related to the student.

Can you change your email notification settings on ParentConnection?

ParentConnection offers the chance to change a few of your account settings such as changing your password and adjusting your email notification settings. You may change your account settings with ease by reading the following two sections of this document.

Does a transcript show the final grades?

The selected student’s transcript may display the final grades for each semester the student has completed. This feature is used most often at the High School level and therefore may not be available for all students.

Contest Details

In partnership with the Missoula Education Foundation and Missoula County Public Schools, we want to encourage all 5 to 15-year-olds in Missoula County to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 5 to 15-year-olds who live in Missoula County, are currently enrolled in a participating school, can enter once they have completed their first dose.

How to Enter

1. Submitting a consent form to their school of attendance permitting the school/superintendent to disclose the participant’s name contact information upon confirmation to the school/superintendent of receipt of at least one (1) COVID-19 vaccination as indicated on a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.

Vaccine Education

If you are unsure about getting your child vaccinated against COVID-19, make it a point to talk to your doctor or pediatrician this week about the vaccine. If you still feel unsure after that conversation, ask them if they can get you legitimate reading materials on the vaccine.