hillside parent portal

by Ellen Labadie 6 min read

How do I Register my child for school in Hillside?

If you need to register your child in any of our schools, please contact Michele Porter, Registrar, at porter@hohschools.org or 914-478-6207 and she will give you instructions on how to register electronically." Hillside Elementary School Will Be Closed. To report a student absent, please call the attendance line at 478-6272.

Why principal Hillside Elementary School?

It is with honor that I serve as the principal of Hillside Elementary School where there is “A Concern for Each Child and a Commitment to Excellence.” Hillside Elementary School provides a strong foundation in reading, writing, and math. In addition, our students engage in programs in STEM, hands-on science, technology, and Spanish.

How can parents engage with the hillside community?

Beyond the valuable advisor-family connection, parents are encouraged to engage with the Hillside community during events throughout the school year, through visits to campus, or by cheering on our athletic teams, home or away. Hillside is fortunate to have a parent group that makes giving back a priority.

How do I log on to the parent portal?

into your web browser or simply go to the "parents" tab on the district website and click Parent Portal. Your user name is your email address and the e-mail you received will have a temporary password.The first time you log on to Parent Portal you will be prompted to change your password to something you can remember easily.


What is the role of parents in Hillside?

Parents. As the most important presence in their sons' lives, parents play a key role in the student experience at Hillside. We understand that whether a boy is a day student or lives on campus seven days a week, his parents need to feel informed and up to date on his progress. Student advisors serve as the primary point ...

Is Hillside a parent group?

Hillside is fortunate to have a parent group that makes giving back a priority. Parent volunteers contribute their time to make life at Hillside even more fun. Teacher appreciation, our annual Spring Fling event, and parent bonding opportunities are all volunteer driven and rely on parent support. To find out more about getting involved, contact Emily Kent .