jackraabbit parent portal link

by Mr. Jules Marks 6 min read

Why doesn't jackrabbit support parent portal login?

Our Parent Portal Login is under SSL, and most browsers do not share sessions or cookies across domains and do not like mixing SSL and non-SSL pages. Having the Portal login embedded into your own webpage can cause customer "session time out" errors (and other errors as well). Also, Jackrabbit does not support SAML.

How do I login to the parent portal?

Click Go to the Parent Portal quick link to access the portal login page. Be sure Activate Portal check box is checked, this activates the Parent Portal access and will automatically add a link Already a customer? Click here to login to the top of your Online Registration form too!

How do parents view class details in the parent portal?

View Details Link in Class Card - a link has been added in the My Schedule section of the Parent Portal for active students. A parent can click the View Details link to read the class description. (This enhancement is included for Care Edition)

How does jackrabbit Notify me when an absence is scheduled?

When set to YES, Jackrabbit will send an additional email notification to the email address you enter advising that an absence has been scheduled. Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings - Organization Defaults for more details.


How to manage parent portal?

With the right Parent Portal strategy in place, your customers will be able to: 1 access news and announcements from you and your staff in a single location, 2 track the progress of their child’s advancement via detailed skill updates, 3 participate in virtual classes, 4 notify your program of an upcoming absence and schedule a makeup class, 5 make payments and manage their billing information, 6 and much more!

Can parents update their billing information?

In addition to making payments from the portal , parents can also update their billing information as new cards are issued or new accounts are opened. And with full insight to the transactions on their account, they can always see where their account stands and print transaction history when needed!

Can parents add their child to the waitlist on Jackrabbit?

It’s a great perk for them that is easy for you to implement when using the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. As your classes fill up (and they will), parents can add their child to the waitlist. When a spot comes open, you can contact families to see if they are still interested in the class.

During Online Registration

When a parent sets up their Portal account information during their initial online registration, they will be able to go directly to the Portal by clicking the Go To Parent Portal button and can log in immediately using those credentials.

Reset Password Link on Login Page

If they did not set this up during registration, the parent can navigate to your Parent Portal login page and click the Reset Password link. An email will immediately be sent to them with an auto-generated temporary password.

Reset Portal Password Button on the Contact Record

You can also use the Reset Portal Password button on a parent's Contact record to have an auto-generated temporary password emailed to them.

How to enroll students in a class in a parent portal?

In order for your parents to enroll students into classes in the Portal, the Classes checkbox must be selected in your Parent Portal Settings. The Enroll Students option must also be selected (Gear icon > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings tab> Class Enrollment Settings). Refer to Set Up the Parent Portal for more information.

Does a class add to cart complete enrollment?

A confirmation that the class has been added to their cart will display in a pop-up. Adding a class to the cart does NOT COMPLETE the class enrollment. At this point the class is only added to the cart and the parent is taken back to the listing where they can continue to select classes and add them to their cart.

Does Holly Ager go to the cart?

Holly Ager adds a Hip Hop class to her cart; it only has one opening left. She does not go to the cart to compete the enrollment because she wants to look for other classes.

What do parents see when they login to the Parent Portal?

The first thing parents will see when they login to the Parent Portal is the login message if you choose to use one. This is a great way to send a warm welcome and inform parents of any important information that you don’t want them to miss.

Can a parent see emails sent to them?

There’s always that parent that claims they ‘didn’t get that important email’ you sent. Well, have no fear! Each parent portal user can see a copy of all emails sent to them over the last 6 months – even if they ‘didn’t get it’.