hillmorton high school parent portal

by Eulah Kilback 7 min read

Why Hillmorton High School?

Inspiring academic excellence, leadership and a love of learning. Hillmorton High School is an urban co-educational school situated in the South-West of Christchurch. The school is a medium-sized Years 7-13 school with a dedicated Middle and Senior School.

Does Hillsdale Public Schools use the realtime Parent Portal?

As part of our continued efforts to improve communication with parents, the Hillsdale Public Schools will employ the use of the Realtime Parent Portal.

What do I do if I cannot login to the parent portal?

All parents should have already received their confidential Parent Portal login information. If you are unable to login to the Parent Portal, please contact the main office of your child's school.


What is Hillmorton High School?

Hillmorton High School offers a wide array of course options that lead to exciting careers and further studies at tertiary institutes such as universities and polytechnics. We aim to cater for our students with learning pathways that are guided by our talented careers team. Knowing our students from the start of Year 7 means we can provide them with tailored educational opportunities, that not only provide them with academic achievements but also the skills and attributes to be successful in tomorrow’s world.

What is Gateway in high school?

The Gateway programmes provide an opportunity for students to explore their career ideas through weekly workplace experiences, while still continuing their high school education. As with STAR courses, there is no cost to the student. The Gateway programme is administered by Mrs Stanley in the Careers Centre.