henrico county powerschool parent portal login

by Asha Boehm 10 min read

What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

If you have more than one child in Henrico Schools, PowerSchool Parent Portal makes it easy: parents and guardians can view all of their children’s information in one place, with one login and password. Students have separate accounts and log in using their HCPS usernames and passwords.

What is PowerSchool and how does it work?

PowerSchool gives families with students in pre-K through grade 12 easy access to class grades, attendance information and student schedules. The portal also gives you “single sign-on” access to other online services such as RYCOR Online Forms and MySchoolBucks, without having to create accounts specifically for those sites.

How to view grades in HCPs PowerSchool?

How to View Grades using the PowerSchool Portal. Schoology is HCPS’ online learning management system, and helps support “anytime, anywhere” learning. The common platform connects students, families, teachers and academic content. Sign up for a parent account to stay abreast of announcements, assignments and assessments at your child’s school.

What do I need to login to PowerSchool?

Click here to login to PowerSchool What is Needed: Email Address (different from your student’s email account). Student Number. For returning students, this number can be found on a report card or secure school document. If you can’t locate your child’s student number, please contact your school.


What is PowerSchool for parents?

PowerSchool gives families in grades 2-12 easy access to class grades, attendance information, and student schedules. The online student information tool comes in two versions: one for students and one for parents and guardians called PowerSchool Parent Portal. While students get their accounts automatically, parents and guardians must create ...

Can parents view schoology?

Since Schoology lives on the Internet, parents of Schoology users can securely login and view their students learning at any time, from anywhere. Users can view the most current course assignments, updates, calendars, and even receive a weekly summary of their students’ progress.