epic charter school california parent portal

by Deshawn Thiel 9 min read

What is epic charter school?

EPIC Charter School is a California public TK-12th grade school authorized by the Orange County Board of Education. Click here to access school board meeting information.

What is the epic Student Spotlight?

“Fulfilling every student’s individual potential by personalizing an educational plan that focuses on school and family partnership to achieve optimal student performance” Students interested in the 2021-22 school year can enroll now! Learn more about our Epic Student Spotlight!

How do I link my student’s access ID to Epic?

If you are a parent and did not receive an email regarding an account set up, you can select ‘Create an Account’. Please reach out via the linked Technical support if you run into any issues. To link your student, the ‘Access ID’ is their ‘Student Number’. This is the number attached to your student’s initials on their google accounts with EPIC.

What is the parent portal and how does it work?

The Parent Portal allows parents and guardians to access student grades, AWRs, report cards, test scores, links to helpful resources, and more. How do I access the Parent Portal?


Is Epic charter school under investigation?

Based in Oklahoma—where it operates as a for-profit business—EPIC is under criminal investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for allegedly falsifying records to receive payments from the Oklahoma Department of Education.

Is Epic considered homeschool?

Welcome to EPIC Homeschool Network, Inc! We are a multicultural homeschool community where our goal is to enrich, enhance and empower home education. We offer scholarships, weekly Homeschool Hangouts, monthly field trips, parent webinars, and classes.

Is Epic charter school accredited?

Epic Charter School of California is fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges for grades TK – 12.

Who owns Epic school?

Among the biggest concerns of state investigators and a grand jury is Epic Youth Services, a management company owned by Chaney and Harris, which has received a 10% management fee paid for by public funds. Epic Charter schools severed ties with the Epic Youth Services, along with Chaney and Harris, last year.

How do I Unenroll from Epic?

You can log into your parent portal and click the withdraw button from there.

Can Homeschool parents use Epic?

To use Epic to support the needs of your homeschool family, please sign up to Epic Unlimited where you will get access to our full library of over 40,000 books, audiobooks and learning videos, plus unlimited reading time.

Can students use Epic at home for free?

Epic Free gives students access to a free home library, allowing students to read on our platform after school (after 4 pm local time). On Epic Free, students get two free hours of reading a week that can be used Mon-Fri or on weekends.

Are charter schools better?

The most rigorous studies conducted to date have found that charter schools are not, on average, better or worse in student performance than the traditional public school counterparts. This average result, however, obscures tremendous variation between individual charter schools and charter schools in different states.

How are Oklahoma charter schools funded?

How are charter schools funded? Like any public school, charter schools receive state funding through the State Aid funding formula, set by law. Up to 5 percent of a school's allocation may be retained by its sponsor for administrative costs.

How do I cancel epic for kids?

Android / Google Play SubscriptionLog In to your Epic account on your Epic Android app.Click on 'Parent Dashboard' and enter your password when prompted.Click on Settings'Click 'Manage' (next to Subscription Status)Click on 'Cancel Subscription'

Is Epic basic free?

Students can also take advantage of their free daily book via Epic Basic. With Epic Basic, students and their families can choose one free book to read after-school each day. They just need a parent's email address to sign up, no credit card required.

How do I withdraw from a class online?

0:341:40How to withdraw or drop a course (Student Tutorial) - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAccount go to the student tab you're going to click on enrollment. Services go to search for coursesMoreAccount go to the student tab you're going to click on enrollment. Services go to search for courses register. Online even though you want to um drop or withdraw.

What does epic mean in school?

EPIC. Education Prevention Intervention And Counseling.

What is the cost of epic?

How much does Epic cost? EPIC: Epic focuses on serving larger organizations such as health systems and hospitals. Epic's pricing starts at $1,200.00 for their self-hosted solutions, and $500,000 for large clinics and hospitals.

Does epic work over the summer?

Epic Unlimited includes 40,000 books, audiobooks, and learning videos, including all our premium content. We developed Epic Free as a way for students to keep reading and learning all year long, including throughout the summer and after school hours.

How do parents assign books on epic?

After logging in, access your Parent/Educator profile (re-enter your account password). Select the 'My Library' tab in the navigation bar. From the 'Collections' tab, select 'Assign' or 'Send' next to the desired collection. Your child/students' profiles will appear in a pop-up window.