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by Jedediah Gerhold 5 min read

Why Dominican High School for girls?

For more than 160 years, St. Mary’s Dominican High School has been an outstanding educational institution for young women in New Orleans, but it is also so much more. Dominican is a place for strong leaders, dedicated servers and curious learners. Dominican students develop not only academically, but also spiritually and socially.

Why choose Regina Dominican School?

Research shows that all-girls schools produce students with a higher level of self confidence and create a healthier environment of academic achievement... A Regina Dominican graduate exemplifies the values represented by the Crown, the Star, and the Book -- symbols on the school crest. Why All Girls?

How do I Change my Password to Dominican College?

Why Dominican College? 1. Login to the Portal Homepage (top right) 2. Click the Change Password link

Do Dominican Academy alumnae get to come home?

Dominican Academy alumnae are always welcome to come home to their beloved alma mater! We invite you to remain engaged in the D.A. community and committed to our continued success through our Alumnae Association, special events, and giving opportunities. Read More Alumnae Association Executive Board Alumnae Events & News Alumnae Update Form


What percentage of Dominican students receive financial aid?

Dominican's tuition is at or below the national average for four-year private colleges and universities, and more than 90 percent of our incoming students receive some form of financial aid.

When is Dominican University welcome weekend?

The University welcomes new resident students to campus on Friday, August 23, 2019. There is a full day of programming on Saturday, August 24 designed for students and their families. More information will be available soon!

What is SOAR in Dominican University?

The Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) program is designed to welcome students into the Dominican University community. SOAR helps students discover the tools needed to be a successful Dominican student both inside and outside the classroom.

Black and White Friday Night

Join us for our annual Black and White Friday Night! This fun event is open to girls in grades 5 and 6. Enjoy crafts, games, and Dominican fun! more »

Spend-a-Day at Dominican

Meet the students, faculty, and staff that make Dominican such a special place and get a true feel for what it means to be a Dominican student!

Featured Program: MA in Trauma-Informed Leadership

Develop an understanding of the impact of trauma and prepare to lead organizational change. In this program, you’ll build leadership skills and a trauma-informed perspective.

DU at Home Virtual Information Session

In this virtual information session for prospective first-year and transfer students, you’ll learn how Dominican’s 50-plus majors will help you find a calling and master the skills to succeed in it. You’ll hear about admissions, financial aid and student life. And you’ll have the opportunity to connect with current students for a Q&A.


At Regina Dominican, our school’s focus on single-sex education for young women creates a community based on our respect for one another.

Service & Prayer

Service is how we put our life of prayer, study and community into action. Dominican life and mission can be understood through the values of Veritas (Truth) and Caritas (Love and Compassion).

Why All Girls?

If you want your daughter to reach her full potential, Regina Dominican is the school for you and your family.