discovery ranch for girls parent portal

by Dr. Werner Schoen Jr. 8 min read

How does Discovery Ranch for Girls work?

Discovery Ranch for Girls helps parents stay connected to their daughter's progress through a password secured website. The Parent Portal lets parents review their daughter’s academic progress, clinical information, and residential reports. They can also access pictures of their teen participating in special events and daily activities at the Ranch. This information is available only to the parents of each student, not to the Discovery Ranch community as a whole. Parents are encouraged to send questions or comments to the Discovery Ranch staff through the parent portal.

When is the Parent Seminar at Discovery Ranch?

Parent Seminar occurs three times a year, typically in February, June, and October. Parents can visit the Ranch and experience some of the activities that their daughter enjoys. Parents attend seminars designed to help them better understand their teen and the Discovery Ranch program.

What is Discovery Ranch?

The Discovery Ranch treatment brings parents and students together. With clinical guidance, they can identify and share emotions, as well as resolve conflict. They learn communication and behavioral skills that are fundamental to healthy, happy family relationships.

Why is parent involvement important in teen therapy?

Parent participation plays a crucial role in the success of teen therapy. When a teen is in therapy, the family is also in therapy. That’s why we create specific treatment protocols that involve parents and sometimes siblings.

What is Discovery Ranch?

Discovery Ranch strives to heal your family as a whole. You and your son will rebuild your relationship with weekly family therapy, family visits, and Parent Day activities. You will be able to observe your son's progress through our secure, password-protected Parent Portal. For many parents, this focus on parental participation is the reason they choose our program.

What is a password secure portal?

A password-secured Internet portal is available to parents to monitor the progress of their son. Upon enrollment, parents will receive their password and the link. Our parent portal is designed to let parents check their student’s therapeutic and academic progress, as well as enjoy pictures from special events and daily living activities.

Zion National Park

We are located near some of the top natural wonders of the world including Zions National Park.

Talk with Other Parents

If you are interested in speaking with other parents who have girls at the Ranch, please contact one of our admissions directors and we will put you in contact with other parents.

Get Your Son The Support He Needs

We Have Helped Struggling Teens To Learn The Skills They Needed To Heal, Thrive, And Reunite With Their Families.

Residential Treatment is an Intensive Healing Experience

The entire facility is designed to create a rich therapeutic and healing environment.

Healing Teens and Families

Discovery Ranch strives to heal your family as a whole. You and your son will work to rebuild your relationship with weekly family therapy, family visits, and Parent Day Seminars. You will also be able to observe your son’s progress through our secure, password-protected parent portal.

What We Treat

At Discovery Ranch we understand that when your teen is in trouble, your whole family is in trouble. We focus on healing the entire family. We also understand that every teen and every family is unique. We believe that teens are more than their diagnosis.

Our CARE Model

At Discovery Ranch for Boys, all the professional departments work together. The C linical, A cademic, R esidential, and E xperiential departments all work together. They have the same goals in mind. Those goals are helping your son learn, grow, and heal so that your family can be a family again. This creates a streamlined experience for your son.

Does My Son Need Treatment?

Your teen is struggling. Your family is struggling. Your community does not have the resources to help. Let us help.

Earning Your Trust

Before you would consider sending your son away, you need to know that he is going to a place you can trust. At Discovery Ranch for Boys, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.