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by Dominique Bednar 4 min read

What are the on site camp details for summer 2022?

Key details for 2022 on site camps: Most days include water activities, including our river-themed giant water slide Registration for Summer 2022 is now open! Check out the Summer 2022 Sessions. Following a 4-day session that begins May 31, full sessions will run from June 6 through July 29 with the exception of July 4-8.

What is camp scene looking ahead to in 2020?

As we head into the last three weeks of the school year for 2020, Camp Scene is looking ahead to the new year like... 2 likes. Post not marked as liked Experience the natural splendor of Georgia on daily field trip adventures or choose on-site fun at our certified backyard wildlife habitat.

What is included in our on site camps in Georgia?

Most days include lake swimming at Georgia’s best freshwater beaches with our Wilderness Lifeguards on duty Nature-themed sessions for ages 5-12 at our backyard wildlife habitat begin in June and repeat in July. Key details for 2022 on site camps: Most days include water activities, including our river-themed giant water slide


Our Photo Philosophy

Are you curious about our workflow, or have questions about why we do what we do? From cabin pictures, to gallery upload times, we have the answers for you.

View the fun as it happens!

Our dedicated media staff does an outstanding job documenting the Tecumseh experience on a daily basis. Uploading new pictures multiple times per day, follow along with the Camp week by visiting our photo galleries. From the galleries you can also save pictures, and order prints of your favorite photos.

Recap Camp Tecumseh experiences

In addition to photos, our media team also puts together short videos throughout the week highlighting various aspects of the Tecumseh experience.

Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Baked Oatmeal is a Camp Tecumseh classic. Now you can make it at home following our recipe.

Allergy Information

For information regarding allergens and dietary needs, please contact our Food Service Director, Danielle at, or 765-564-2898.

What to look for in a parent's handbook?

In the Parent Handbook, you can find everything you’ll need to help get ready for Camp, including important forms, packing lists, how to request a cabin mate, and information on sending mail to your campers.

Do 46er campers get mail?

Your overnight camper or 46er camper may receive mail regularly. A letter from home can do wonders to help a camper adjust to camp! Dropping a letter in the mail before your camper is dropped off at camp can ensure it gets to them while they are at Chingachgook.