infinite campus parent portal login buffalo

by Geraldine Kirlin 6 min read

What is the Buffalo public school system Parent Portal?

The Buffalo Public School System makes available a variety of technological resources to support learning and enhance instruction. The goal of the Parent Portal is to promote educational excellence and to enhance communications with parents. The Parent Portal allows parents to view their child’s school records anywhere, any time.

What is the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose campus portal?

The Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools Campus Portal website is designed to provide timely information to parents with children enrolled in the school district. You will need to sign up at one of the schools within the district to receive your Portal Activation Key for all of the BHM Schools.

How does the Buffalo public school system protect information?

The Buffalo Public School System monitors its information systems and has put into place processes and controls to safeguard the information stored, transmitted, and displayed on its information systems. Parent Portal is not the complete or official record.

How do I sign up for the parent portal?

• Fill out the online form and provide accurate contact information including phone number and email address. • Once the form is submitted, the BPS Information Technology Department will email parents their Parent Portal Letter. The letter will contain a unique activation key required to unlock each parent’s portal account.


How to access my child's information?

Go Mobile with Parent Portal! You can access your child's information from your smart phone or from any hand held device. 1. Download the app. 2. Get the activation key. Request the Parent Portal Letter. 3. Follow the directions to set up a personalized portal account.

Do all BPS parents have a parent portal?

Also, all BPS parents have a parent portal account, but in order to get access, a parent must activate the account first. If you have an account, click ". ". If you need access to your Parent Portal account, please click ". " and follow the directions below.