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by Maida Carter 3 min read

What is Camp Allen?

Established in 1921 by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, Camp Allen is a year-round facility located one hour northwest of Houston near Navasota, Texas. Camp Allen accommodates a variety of spiritual, social, corporate, and educational events for all ages in addition to our founding summer camp program.

What makes Camp Allen a safe haven?

It’s a safe haven – a place of acceptance, a place to find God’s love for every child who steps onto the property. Camp Allen is located on 77.58 acres, which allows for a multitude of activities to do on spacious and safe grounds.

What is a Christian camp?

Camp Allen provides a Christian camp experience for a range of age groups. During the summer camps, spiritual growth, life building skills, arts and crafts, and personal enrichment classes are offered. Worship service is held each night and, for your safety, a qualified nurse and trained counselors are onsite at each camp. Christian camping is fun!

What can I find in the Parent Handbook?

In the Parent Handbook, you can find everything you’ll need to help get ready for Camp, including important forms, packing lists, how to request a cabin mate, and information on sending mail to your campers. In 2021, we will be releasing an addendum to our Parent Handbook as soon as we have our NYS covid reopening guidelines.


How long does prescription medication last in a camper?

Prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy container and include: camper’s name, name of medication, the specific dosage directions, valid date on the bottle within a current one year, and the physician name. Medication will be administered as written on the bottle.

What is the deadline for email submissions at Camp Allen?

The deadline for email submission each week is 4:00 PM Friday. at home emergencies. Camp Allen does not allow personal phone calls or visits while camp is in session. In the event of any emergency, either physical or otherwise, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately.

How to contact the camp registrar?

For questions regarding registration or payment, contact the Camp Registrar at or 936-825-7175. Click on the tabs below to review important information to make sure your camper is ready for the best week ever!

What time do you check in at a camp site?

Families that have children at more than one campsite may choose either time slot and check-in all campers together during that time. 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM: Primaries (Check-in at Pavilion, then head to Campsite 1) 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM: Middlers (Check-in at Pavilion, then head to Campsite 2)

When was Camp Allen founded?

Camp Allen was established in 1921 and is known for having generations of families impacted by its summer camp program. If you are at least 21, a former camper, counselor, staff, volunteer, or camper parent for more than 3 years - we invite you to join our alumni community: Rosalums!

Is homeopathic medicine FDA approved?

Natural, Homeopathic, Herbal products will not be accepted. These products are not FDA approved. If it is considered necessary by parent, please request your private doctor to provide a note including: camper name, specific name of product and amount to be administered. These products included Melatonin and Vitamins.

Does Camp Allen have a pet policy?

If there is any reason to suspect a person may attempt an unauthorized pickup of your camper, please notify Camp Allen immediately. Camp Allen has a strict no-pet policy. While we know that pets are an important part of your family, we kindly ask that furry friends do not come along to camper check out.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program at Camp Allen provides hands-on educational experiences that enhance classroom learning. These experiences are integrated into a complete program that helps students gain a well-rounded understanding of environmental respect, human relationships, "real world" science and history.

Student Curriculum

My son had a school trip to Camp Allen recently and I was lucky enough to chaperone on the trip. It was WONDERFUL! The campgrounds, woods & lake were beautiful. The activities were challenging but safe and each child was able to achieve at their own level. The counselors and staff were knowledgeable, super friendly, and supportive.


We are thrilled you are considering Camp Wayfarer and we look forward to sharing our camp family with your family. As parents, we understand that your children are your most precious possessions and that great care must be taken in selecting the proper summer camp for them.

During Camp

Each camp family will create a personal account prior to or during the enrollment process. Once logged in, families may access important information pertaining to camp.

What to look for in a parent's handbook?

In the Parent Handbook, you can find everything you’ll need to help get ready for Camp, including important forms, packing lists, how to request a cabin mate, and information on sending mail to your campers.

Do 46er campers get mail?

Your overnight camper or 46er camper may receive mail regularly. A letter from home can do wonders to help a camper adjust to camp! Dropping a letter in the mail before your camper is dropped off at camp can ensure it gets to them while they are at Chingachgook.