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by Prof. Jimmie Mueller 6 min read


Take your senior photo experience to the next level. Express yourself with our Elite and Most Popular sessions to get more scenes and more options.


Make this day as unique as you are. Choose a location at one of our convenient studios to get the full photoshoot experience.


The best dates go first... don't miss out on the date/time of your choice!

Select School or Studio

We’re the exclusive photography team that comes to your school and takes traditional yearbook photos in front of a backdrop. But we’re also so much more!

Select Your Session

Be a scene-stealer with our Traditional option, which gives you access to one of our state-of-the-art studio backdrops. To level up your photo session, choose our Elite option. This package includes your own private photographer, a professional makeup artist, and exclusive, offsite destinations to capture your special moment.

Select Your Scenes

The scenes at our studios aren’t just a typical flat backdrop. We have created our scenes to be three-dimensional “rooms” with brick, doors, lockers, smoke and so much more. Not to mention, we have some pretty awesome scenes in the great outdoors–city, lake, beach, or even a destination of your choice!

Schedule Soon

Every school has a cutoff date to get your photo taken to ensure it’s included in the yearbook. We recommend scheduling early, even before your senior year starts, to allow time if you need a reshoot, to select your favorite yearbook image, and ensure that it makes the deadline.


We believe that schools are at the heart of our community. That’s why we are committed to creating partnerships with schools that go beyond taking a yearbook photo. Some of our efforts include school beautification, scholarships, extra-curricular programming, and supporting student-led media organizations.