genesis parents portal

by Stephen Aufderhar 9 min read

What is the Genesis parent access portal?

The Genesis Parent Access Portal is a safe and secure way to view your child's/student school record for the current school year. This new tool will help improve communication about student progress and attendance and allow the school and home to work together more closely to ensure student success.

What is the Genesis School Information System (SIS)?

The Genesis SIS will enable you to access your child (ren)'s grades, attendance, disciplinary infractions and other important information online. This access is available from the time you enroll in Willingboro Public School District until your child (ren) graduates.

How do I create an account to access my student's Genesis information?

How do I create an account to access my student's Genesis information? If you have provided your child's school main office with an email address, then you will receive a Genesis system generated email with your username (email address provided) and password.

How do I access the parent portal?

With your username and password, you can access the information previously mentioned. Web access to the Parent Portal is completely secure. Access is set up for individual families, and your access is limited to your child's records only.


What is parent access in Genesis?

Parent Access is a component of Genesis — our student information system. It allows us to provide you with a safe and secure way to view academic information about your children in one portal via the Internet. Depending on your child’s grade level you will have access to some or all of the following information:

What is Genesis student login ID?

Your Genesis student login ID is the same as your google account. Firstinitial The number represents the year of graduation. For example

What information do you need to know about your child's grade?

Depending on your child’s grade level you will have access to some or all of the following information: Your child’s schedule, and daily attendance record. Your child’s class attendance (grades 6 – 12) Your child’s discipline information. Your child's marking period, mid-term exam, final exam and final grades.

When do parents set up Parent Access?

Parents are set up for Parent Access when they register their child for school the first time. If you do not think you have a Parent Access account, or want to set up a second account for your spouse, send an email from an email address we have on file that you wish to register with to: with the following information:

Can parents receive emails?

Parents can receive emails or text messages automatically for the following actions: A new form has been posted for you (Messages) A new document has been posted for you (Messages) A grade has been updated in a teacher’s gradebook (Gradebook grades) A letter has been generated for one of your children (Letters)

Do all students in grades 6-12 have access to their own account?

All students in grades 6 - 12 have their own access accounts. Because of this there is no need to let them use your account or give them your password. Student accounts do NOT have the ability to see contact information or sign forms electronically, but they can see everything else the parent account can see.

When do Genesis parents get access to their account?

All families receive a Genesis Parent Access Account when their child is first registered with our district. At that time an email would have been sent to the email address provided during registration asking the recipient to login and reset their password.

Do you have to complete the medical update for Genesis?

Before you are able to access your child's schedule and/or teacher assignment, you must complete the required Medical Update and Back to School Forms via your Genesis Parent Access Account. More information on those forms is provided.