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by Dr. Shayne Ondricka 4 min read

Welcome Parents!

We have walked a mile in your shoes. As former cadet parents, we realize how exciting, emotional and challenging these cadet years will be for you and your family. We know that sending a child off to college is stressful and that sending them off to a military academy makes it all the harder.

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For parents of new cadets entering basic training, WebGuy becomes your new best friend! During the academic year WebGuy is a window into cadet life with our blog and photo galleries.

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Book - Count The Helmets? Your son or daughter has recently reached their goal and received their Appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. Congratulations! We all know what a grind it can be… especially for the parents.

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What is the Air Force Junior Olympic team?

USAG is the premier gymnastics league in the US and the Junior Olympic program is the grass roots program where all of our nation's Olympic Stars are born . The emphasis in the program is development of the good technique, discipline and work ethic that will be the foundation for advanced gymnastics. Through the hours (and years) that are spent in the gym achieving the level of excellence required for competition in USA Gymnastics a family atmosphere is achieved and lifelong friendships are developed.

What is Xcel gymnastics?

The Xcel team is a unique program that meets the needs of many gymnasts by providing a team atmosphere and a competitive experience without the large time and financial commitments required for traditional Junior Olympic gymnastics teams. Since this program is sponsored by USA Gymnastics, each child will still have the excitement of participating in sanctioned competitions throughout Wisconsin 3 times a year and possibly once or twice at home. At these competitions they will represent Air Force as they compete against many other gymnastics clubs. They will have the opportunity to win a variety of awards based on their achievement when compared against other athletes at their level and age range.