5678 dance parent portal

by Alexzander Nolan 6 min read

Does 5678 dance studio have a dress code for dancers?

5678 Dance Studio has a dress code for dancers so that the instructors and students are getting the most out of their classes.

How old is Chelsea from 5678?

Chelsea is 15 and started dancing at 5678 Dance Studio since she was 1. Outside of dance, her main hobby is playing the piano. She is classically trained but likes to play current songs as well and has been playing the piano for about as long as she has been dancing.

How has 5678 benefitted Your Life?

Haley says that 5678 has benefitted her life because she has been able to commit to something and it has given her a great team to be a part of. Haley says she would like to be a nurse in the future, but wants to be a dance teacher while going to school. Gianna is 12 and started dancing at 5678 Dance Stude at the age of 3!

Why join our family dance classes?

Join Our Family! Dance classes are a great way for your child to have fun, create life-long friendships, and develop confidence and respect. Register Now! Here you can find descriptions of all the classes we offer.


What is private vocal lessons?

Whether you are just beginning to sing or are a seasoned performer, private vocal lessons will teach proper breathing and placement as well as different vocal stylings for each genre of music.

Do voice students need to bring music to lessons?

Voice students will be provided with some materials and music for their lessons however, additional purchases may be required. These materials must be brought to each lesson. The teachers spend a great deal of time preparing for a lesson and an unprepared student causes time to be lost in training. Studio Policies.


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