yu ming parent portal

by Berenice Spencer II 8 min read

What time does enrichment run in Yu Ming?

Enrichment classes usually run 3:10-4:10pm Mondays – Thursdays, and 1:10-2:10 pm Fridays. Parents may still need to sign up for Yu Ming ECP if you need care after the enrichment classes end. Contact afterschool@yumingschool.org for more information.

When is Extended Care Program registration?

Registration is for one semester at a time (August through December, and January through June).

Do you need to identify yourself at Yu Ming Charter School?

All visitors to Yu Ming Charter School are required to identify themselves at the front door for entry. When pressing the intercom, please look into the camera and announce who you are and the reason for your visit. Upon entry, please sign-in at the office and wear a visitor badge while on campus.

Questions about Yu Ming Charter School

We just received an offer from Yu Ming Charter School (Site 2) and we feel so lucky and excited! While we are not a Mandarin speaking family (one parent speaks a little), we have had our heart set on Mandarin immersion for a while.

Yuming Location

I recently visted Yuming location for the lower school. Where the school is located is like a traffic hub location. Does any current parents find that as an issue when picking and dropping off your kids?

Yu Ming Number of Applications

Our family is trying to understand our chances for our Yu Ming application. Weighted priorities are assigned to different preference categories (see page 15), so we can compute how much more weight our child receives.

Yu Ming Assessment Test

Hi, I'm curious and wondering if anybody experience with passing the assessment test and not get an offer?

High school after Yuming Charter school

first time posting. I'm a mandarin speaker who has a child who I would like a good chance to send my child to Yuming by living in the district that Yuming serves. The school is a K-8 school and rated very well. My question is, what do parents do after grade 8? the high schools in the Sankofa, Peralta area are rated pretty poorly.

Applying to Yu Ming for 1st grade

Hi, I wanted to ask if anybody apply to the 1st grade level and got a spot? Does the school offer you a spot first during lottery time if chosen and then take the assessment test or vice versa?

Yu Ming Aftercare Program

Our oldest is entering kindergarten in the Fall and we're keen to learn more about the aftercare programs onsite. Specifically, how would you rate the options available? Anything we should be drawn towards or stay away from? What is the cost and is it differentiated based on how much aftercare is needed (e.g.