ymca flat rock parent portal

by Barry Barton 3 min read

How do I sign in to YMCA children's programs?

Sign in via the portal below. YMCA Children's Programs provides a range of resources and support services to help families manage their account. This include advice on accessing the Child Care Subsidy, details on our fortnightly debit cycle and directions on updating bank details.

Where is to donate YMCA?

to Donate. We are a branch of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis and are located just 40 minutes southeast of Indy on the banks of the Flat Rock River! We offer a wide variety of personal growth opportunities and outdoor experiences.

What is the YMCA’s pricing structure?

As a YMCA, we understand that families have differing abilities to pay and as such, we offer a 3 rate pricing structure. No additional paperwork is required. When you register your child, take a moment to look at the rate descriptions below and determine which of the 3 rates your family is able and willing to pay for your child’s camp experience.


My Family Lounge

Already have a My Family Lounge account with YMCA Children's Programs? Sign in via the portal below.

New to our programs?

See the registration information below and complete your details to create a My Family Lounge Account. Before you get started, we also recommend reading our enrolment guide so you have everything you need on-hand to complete your forms.

What is My Family Lounge?

My Family Lounge is an online booking and enrolment system which allows you to:

Creating A Rewarding Experience For Campers

Camp Hi-Rock is committed to ensuring that every camper’s stay with us is safe, happy, and rewarding. Our goal is to challenge and nurture the individual, build self-esteem, instill leadership and social skills, strengthen the body, lift the spirit, and sharpen the mind.

Parent Understanding and Involvement

It’s important that parents understand the policies and procedures for YMCA Camp Hi-Rock’s programs, including resident and day camp. Carefully browsing through the contents of this section of the website, as well as the rest of the website, can help you prepare your camper (and yourself) for a successful Hi-Rock experience.