ybh parent portal

by Telly Toy 8 min read

What is a Parent Portal account?

Students are able to establish Parent Portal accounts for individuals and grant access to the students financial account, financial aid award and/or final grades. Access is authorized by the student for each portal account holder.

Why choose YBh?

Our teachers focus on the “whole child.” Every member of the YBH educational team appreciates that real learning is far more than retaining information and mastering skills; it is enabling the students to uncover and take pride in their own uniqueness.

How do parents login to the parent portal in Webcat?

Students begin the process by choosing Add/Manage Users under the Parent Portal option in Webcat. Parents will receive email with temporary password and activation instructions. Once activated, parents can log in to the Parent Portal through the button below.


What is SIS database?

The SIS Database is the core of ParentLocker. Data is easily managed, updated, and retrieved.

What is an online gradebook?

An online gradebook to help teachers record, average, and publish grades.

Is Parentlocker fully integrated?

ParentLocker modules are all fully integrated: all your data is always in-sync and up-to-date everywhere.

Is Parentlocker good?

Excellent program! We love using ParentLocker as a school. It is so easy to use and the parents love it as well. Any issues are dealt with immediately and our questions are always thoroughly answered.... more

Does Parentlocker make admissions process easy?

Never lose sight of a prospective student again . ParentLocker makes the admissions process easy and contactless for your staff and applicants.