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by Dr. Monte Hessel 6 min read

What is the role of a parent at Xavier University?

Parents play crucial, critical roles in the life of the Xavier community, from volunteering at Maroon and Blue Day to serving on the Board of Trustees. We hope you will fully engage in the life of the school in the ways that best match your interests.

How do parents pay for summer camps Xavier High School?

Summer Camps Xavier High School is using 8to18.com for parents to pay all fees online. NOTE: All parents will have to set up their student(s) as “participants” in 8to18 to assign payment of the various fees to that specific student. QUESTIONS?

How many years is high school at Xavier University?

Four years. For some high school students in can seem like a lifetime. But for the last 58 years, our students have spent the most important years of their life learning what they are made of and what they want to be. Our students come to Xavier ready to take the necessary steps in their growth.

How can I be a good student at Xavier?

Be Prepared. Be United. Be Creative. Be Confident. Be Unique. Be Yourself. Wherever they go, whatever they do...our students are ready to take on the next challenge. At Xavier, our students are given the tools to handle what life throws at them.



Wherever they go, whatever they do...our students are ready to take on the next challenge.


From the minute they arrive, our students focus on becoming the best version of themselves.


To lead is to serve. ... Every day, our students are asked to live the Xaverian mission and give back.

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Looking to get a head start for college? Xavier offers several Advanced Placement® and Early College Experience classes.

Creating Your Account

Please read the " Instructions on creating a Parent Portal account " document before creating your Parent Portal account.

Accessing Your Account

After you create your Parent Portal account, you can access it by going to https://volusia.focusschoolsoftware.com/focus/index.php?skipSAML.