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Is the Warwick School District e-mail secure?

Disclaimer: E-mail communication is intended only for the one to whom it is addressed, and may be privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure. E-mail sent through the Warwick School District webserver is encrypted; however, communication by e-mail may not be secure, depending on the type of e-mail client the recipient uses.

Where are the high schools in Warwick RI?

High Schools Pilgrim High School Toll Gate High School Warwick Public Schools 69 Draper Avenue Warwick, Rhode Island 02889 401-734-3100 Contact Us Place Map Quick Links Student Registration

How do I request an account for the WPS family portal?

Click the school name below to request an account and password for the WPS Family Portal. Please provide your child/children’s name in the message as well as your name. Elementary Schools

What browser should I use to search the Warwick teacher web page?

Warwick TeacherWeb Search Page * Note: You must use a cookies enabled browser. Use an Internet Explorer Privacy setting of Medium-High or less. In Firefox simply allow cookies for our website only. This site works best in the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Internet Explorer users should use version 11 or higher.


Secure Area

MySchoolPortal will take you to a password protected area where you can access your son/s details. There you will find reports, timetables, public examinations etc.

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