warren township parent portal

by Gwendolyn Buckridge 9 min read

What is Warren Township MSD?

MSD of Warren Township values your child’s privacy and strives to ensure parents are aware of the web-based tools and applications we use and the nature of personal information that will be collected and used by those tools and applications. An annual notice will go to parents about the programs being used at their schools. In addition, this list of educational web-based tools and applications used by MSD of Warren Township and related privacy policies will be revised annually if necessary to ensure that they are up to date.

Does Warren Township require FERPA?

MSD of Warren Township requires any third party that enters into an agreement that requires access to student data must follow FERPA guidelines as stated in our policy Acknowledgement of Contractor Responsibilities under FERPA.

District 121 Referendum Information

For more information and updates about the tax rate increase referendum, please visit the District website at www.d121.org/referendum

District Notices

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