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by Silas Hill 8 min read

Webinar: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Making Sure Parents See the Right Things in Their Portals

Sometimes — perhaps often! — you don't want everything to be visible to all your parents, students, and teachers. In this webinar, we learn some of the ins and outs of hiding and showing schedules, assignment information, ...

Webinar: Portal Directories

A significant upgrade that came with our Portals 3.0 platform was the creation of different directory types. In this recording, see those directories in action in Portals and Axiom, including different ways schools can display options to ...

Webinar: Houston, Check Out the View Through the Portal: Building Your Portals

With apologies for the strained spacefaring metaphor, in this webinar we consider portal components and navigation to make your parent, student, and teacher portals as engaging as they can be when you first launch them. ...

Webinar: Houston, We Have No Problems: Successfully Launching Portals

In this webinar recording, we go through the items to configure in and other steps to take in order to be ready for a portals launch. ...

Living At Sem

Our student body is a microcosm of the national and global community with 35 countries, 18 states and five continents represented. Our campus is just two hours from Philadelphia and New York City and the Sem residential life and student activities departments often offer trips.

Sem Stories

Nick Gordon ‘09 set and achieved lofty goals as a record-breaking wrestler. As with any athletic career, however, it eventually ended.