uncg parent portal

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How do I log in to uncgenie as a student?

For students: 1 Log in to UNCGenie with your student ID number and 6-digit PIN. 2 Click on the Student tab and select “Student Account Center.” More ...

Why enroll at UNCG?

When your student enrolls at UNCG it means they’re joining the Spartan Family. We truly are a family here, where students, faculty, and staff share their ambitions and challenge each other to achieve them. Class discussions are made richer and more meaningful thanks to our diverse student body that represents and accepts all kinds of backgrounds.

How do I get financial aid for UNCG?

Many UNCG students receive financial aid each year in the form of grants, scholarships, and student loans. Students should apply for aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

How do I Check my payment confirmation status in uncgenie?

Students can check their payment confirmation status in UNCGenie by searching for their term in the Payment Confirmation section under Student Services & Financial Aid. Students and their designated authorized users will pay UNCG directly for account balances issued on semester bills.


How to participate in financial aid for dependent student?

Parents of dependent students seeking financial aid for an undergraduate degree must participate in the financial aid application process by completing and signing the FAFSA along with the student, and providing documents if requested. Parents who are unsure about whether to include their information or another parent’s information, or who have questions about how to report details on the FAFSA, please refer to the Federal Student Aid website .

Can parents apply for parent plus loan?

Parents may opt to apply for a Federal Parent PLUS loan if their student is considered a dependent on the FAFSA. If the parent is approved (based on a credit evaluation), the parent can take the loan for use toward the student’s educational costs. If the parent is denied, there is an option where the student can receive additional loan funds. The Parent PLUS loan application is available through the Federal Student Aid website. For a better understanding of Financial Aid basics visit the links below on Spartan Central, our one-stop resource for our students.

Can you create a viewbook for UNC Greensboro?

As a parent or family member you too can create a Custom Viewbook! It’s the perfect way to explore everything you’re interested in that UNC Greensboro has to offer. Want to check out campus? Take a 360° Tour right now – or come visit us in person.

Is UNC Greensboro affordable?

UNC Greensboro is one of the most affordable state institutions in NC. To have a better idea of the costs associated with your student’s tuition and fees you’ll need to understand the Cost of Attendance (COA), which is an estimated budget of what a student may spend over the course of the academic year. This estimate is based on local cost of living calculations and surveys of the student body. Financial aid awards cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance.

Does UNCG offer merit scholarships?

To help offset the costs, UNCG offers academically talented students a variety of merit-based scholarships. As your student progresses through their enrollment there are also several departmental scholarships they can apply for based on their major. Read on for an overview of these scholarships and how to apply.

What browsers does UnCGenie work with?

For security reasons you should use the most recent available browser (Firefox, IE , Chrome etc. for your OS). Most features in UNCGenie work with most browsers.

Who can view student account information?

Parents and others authorized by the student can: view student account information, make payments, and enroll in payment plans

Welcome to Student Health Services

If you have received your COVID-19 vaccination, please upload your completed COVID-19 vaccination card to the Student Health Services' Patient Portal. Use the Upload Instructions if you need assistance.

Insurance Verification

StudentBlue portal opens early November for all eligible, registered students.

How to pay for UNCG?

There are two online options for payment in the UNCG Student Account Center – credit card and online check. This is a real-time payment system, available 24 hours a day, so payments will appear on the student’s account immediately.

What is Title IV on UNCGenie?

Students can complete a Title IV (Financial Aid) Authorization form on UNCGenie if they want to allow their aid to be applied to other charges like parking permits, bookstore bucks, student health insurance, and other fines/charges. Aid may also be given to pay for up to $200 in prior term charges with authorization.

Who is responsible for tuition and fees?

The employee must maintain eligible employed status during the duration of the course. Otherwise, the employee shall be responsible for payment of applicable tuition and fees. An exception is made for employees who are subject to a reduction in force or who have been separated due to budgetary reasons.

Who pays student bill?

These payments may come from state and federal agencies, international embassies, military agencies, pre-paid college programs, employers or other organizations that have been granted special billing arrangements by the University. Students sponsored by a third party may be able to defer payment of a balance covered by the third party.

Can a third party sponsor not pay student bill?

Students should keep in mind that they will ultimately be liable for full payment of their student account balance if a third party sponsor does not pay their portion of the bill for any reason.