uc parents student portal

by Troy Daniel 9 min read

What is the UC family portal?

The UC Family Portal provides ongoing campus updates on student life, support services, upcoming events and deadlines, family events, involvement opportunities, and more throughout the year.

What is the student portal and student portal?

This online resource and student portal is the entry point to your academic record, university billing, financial aid, and more. As a first-time student, the following directions will allow you to view and act on your financial aid offer.

How do I donate to the UC parents fund?

Gifts to the UC Parents Fund go directly to family and student programming and activities that are not covered by tuition and fees. You can specify a one-time donation or a recurring annual contribution. If you have any questions, please contact the UC Foundation at 513-556-6781.

How do I Find my UC username and introductory email?

If you have not signed on previously, search your email account using "Catalyst" to find the introductory email sent to you when you applied for admission. You can also find your UC username.


Student and Family Panel on Return to Campus

Given the fast-changing nature of this pandemic, information from this panel discussion may be updated or altered in the weeks and months ahead.

Parent and Family Programs

We encourage you to visit the Parent and Family Programs website often for information and resources.

One Stop Catalyst Self-Help Guide

Need help navigating Catalyst? Use this One Stop Catalyst Self-Help Guide for instructions on how to do your UC related business online.

Parent Checklist

View the Parent Checklist to ensure that required steps are not missed by your student.

Delegated Access

Has your student granted you access to view and/or discuss their account? Your student can use the Give Parent/Guest Access link in Catalyst to set up delegated access for a parent (or other party). You will receive an email with instructions once your student has granted you access.

Student's To Do List in Catalyst

You are able to view your student's To Do List items in Catalyst, with delegated access. It is important to submit requested documentation as soon as possible.

Check your Student's Bill in Catalyst

Review due dates and payment options, including the Tuition Payment Plan, by visiting the Bursar's website.

How to contact UC family?

We encourage you to become an engaged and informed resource for your student. Our office is here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us anytime at 513-556-1200 or families@uc.edu.

What is parent and family program?

Parent & Family Programs provides families with information about student services and resources, campus engagement opportunities, and a dedicated place to receive support in helping their students successfully navigate the UC experience.

What to do when a student goes off to college?

When your student goes off to college, it can be an adjustment for the whole family. You may not see each other as often, and your communication style may shift. While you will most likely text or talk with your student throughout the week, small gestures to remind your Bearcat that you are thinking about them can go a long way in helping to make their new "home-away-from-home" feel more comfortable.