uc berkeley parent portal

by Prof. Camille Grady Sr. 9 min read

Why is UC Berkeley a good school?

UC Berkeley is one of the highest-ranking schools in the entire UC System. Refrain from assuming that just because UC Berkeley is not Ivy League means that it’s not a good school, and getting an acceptance letter from it should be easy. That’s because UC Berkeley is one of the most eminent schools in the UC System and the US, too.

How competitive is UC Berkeley?

But in some ways Berkeley is competitive. As a student here you will compete with yourself. Students at Berkeley constantly push themselves to work harder, get better grades and be more social. In short, it helps us evolve into much more efficient, and I would dare say, better individuals.

How to get into UC Berkeley for undergraduate?

earn a certificate of completion, which allows admission to a university in their home country or country of graduation. Students who have completed the IGCSE or O-level exams have not yet met the requirements for admission at UC Berkeley.

How to pay for UC Berkeley?

Tuition & Fees

  • Fee Remission. If included in your fellowship, registration fees, and/or nonresident supplemental tuition will be credited directly to your CalCentral account.
  • Residency and Fees. ...
  • Paying Your Tuition and Fees. ...
  • Cancel for Non-Payment. ...


What Do Parents Need to Know?

For you, Cal Parents is a great resource to connect with parents of Berkeley students . Check this page for upcoming parent events.

How to check admissions in Berkeley?

Students receive their admission notification in MAP@Berkeley. Additionally, they will review their conditions of admission, their frequently asked questions, and any other important letters in MAP@Berkeley. After reviewing your admission decision letter, MAP@Berkeley gives you access to Cal Central. You will go to Cal Central to accept your offer of admission, review your financial aid award letter, sign up for newly admitted student events, and see your deadline for your final admission documents. After your accept your offer of admissions, students should check their MAP@Berkeley portal AND Cal Central frequently be your main academic portal - the place where you view your academic record, review future financial aid awards, etc.

What is a Berkeley Ship?

Berkeley SHIP is a comprehensive major medical insurance plan, providing medical, counseling, prescription, vision and dental services. All students can use the Tang Center, whether you waive SHIP or not.

Is UC Berkeley admission conditional?

Conditions of Admission - All UC Berkeley offers of admission are conditional. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions finalizes a student’s admission once all final requested documents are received (transcripts, test scores, etc.) and we verify that the student’s transcripts match their application and that the student maintain satisfactory academic progress through their spring term.

When is the deadline to apply for housing in Berkeley?

May 1 - Deadline for freshman admits to accept their offer of admission to Berkeley. May 2 - Priority deadline to apply for Housing. June 1 - Deadline for transfer admits to accept their offer of admission to Berkeley. July 1 - Deadline to submit all final documents.

Does UC Berkeley have health insurance?

All registered students at the University of California are required to meet the university’s health insurance mandate. Registered UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) as a way to meet this mandate.