swim tank parent portal

by Dr. Beulah Wiza 9 min read

What is swim tank make up policy?

What is Swim Tank's make up policy? Make-up classes are not guaranteed and will be based on availability. All make-ups need to be scheduled within 1 month of reporting the absence. Swim Tank has two types of class bookings, group and private, and each has its’ own make up policy . Group Lessons: students are eligible for 1 group make-up class per ...

Do you have to wear a bathing cap in a swim class?

All students 2 and older with hair below their ears are required to wear a bathing cap. Students are responsible to bring a swim cap to every class or they will not be allowed to participate. Swim caps are available for purchase at both facilities for $12.

Can you put swim diapers in a pool?

Regular diapers are never allowed in the pool and can damage the filter system. Pull ups and disposable swim diapers are also never allowed in the pool. ALL children under the age of 4 must wear a tight fitting reusable swim diaper to prevent fecal accidents.