realtime parent portal oakland nj

by Prof. Marilie Bergnaum Sr. 8 min read

What is realtime’s parent portal?

Realtime’s Parent Portal provides access to all of their child’s records from the comfort of their home or office using any internet browser. Parents can interact with administrators and teachers without worrying about taking a day off from work or getting a babysitter – the school’s lights are on 24/7. Better access equates to better parenting.

What is realtime NJ school management?

Realtime’s fully integrated system has everything you need to manage your school effectively in NJ. Realtime’s programs/modules track every aspect of student life and integrate that data into information for administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, food service and more.

What are the benefits of realtime link for students®?

Realtime Link for Students® Notification Benefits RIT Advantage Superior Support Cost Savings Ease of Use Data Sharing Integration Security State Reporting Mobility For Administrators For Staff For Parents For Students For Teachers News Implementation Careers Contact ADMIN / STAFF / PARENT Parent Portal Home > Programs > Parent Portal

Why realtime student information system?

With a totally integrated, comprehensive, browser-based, New Jersey only Student Information System. Realtime delivers the ease and functionality that you wish you had at a budget-friendly annual fee. Realtime’s fully integrated system has everything you need to manage your school effectively in NJ.


Why is the Parent Portal so popular?

It's internet-based capability is very popular with our staff because it gives them the ability to enter and retrieve information both in the workplace and at home. The new Parent Portal has received very positive feedback from parents who are now able to access student information 24/7.

How successful is Parent Portal?

Traditionally, if parents needed information on their child’s progress, accommodations, or records, they would need to make a phone call, and more than likely, schedule an appointment.

What can students see in school?

Students may view their schedules, lunch menus, after-school activities, announcements, and obtain authorized contact information for teachers, administrators, and co-curricular advisors. Students may also have the capability to access homework assignments, class notes, and grades.