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by Catherine Hauck 3 min read

What information is available to parents in the parent portal?

The information available to parents in the parent portal is completely customizable by the school and can include attendance records, grades, classroom assignments, calendars, a message board, and basic student and parent information.

What is QuickSchools?

QuickSchools is the world's first and fully online school management software which makes organizing, managing, and scheduling of school activities a hassle free way. QuickSchools is the best online school management system because everything is just a click away.

How can the parent portal help parents stay informed about student progress?

To a lesser degree, parents must wait for students to bring home classroom and school notes and letters regarding attendance, grades, and requests for teacher meetings. With the Parent Portal, parents don’t have to wait and hope that their students will give them the materials they need in order to stay informed.

How do I Turn on the parent portal?

The parent portal must be turned on by the administrator of the school. You can activate the parent portal by clicking SETTINGS > TURN FEATURES ON/OFF in the menu at the top of the screen. To turn on the feature, place a check mark in the box on the Parent Portal line.


What is Parent Portal in QuickSchools?

Parent involvement is a key to a student's success. QuickSchools Parent Portal tab allows administrators to grant access to parents so they may login to the portal and see information relevant to their child's educational experience in the school. What information parents are able to see and edit is determined by the school administrator. Depending on which features are enabled, the school and teachers can inform the parents about the following:

How to activate parent portal in school?

You can activate the parent portal by clicking SETTINGS > TURN FEATURES ON/OFF in the menu at the top of the screen.

How to remove parental login?

If for some reason you need to remove the login privileges for a parent, simply click on the Revoke login link next to the parent's email. A pop-up box will appear asking you to verify your request.

How to turn on Parent Portal?

To turn on the feature, place a check mark in the box on the Parent Portal line. A new tab will appear on top called Parent Portal.

What is section 1 in email?

Section 1 is the beginning of the email and is editable text. You can change any of this information to customize your message.

What is QuickSchools report creator?

QuickSchools offers access to the report creator which is available from the app store. With the help of Report Creator, you can build, execute, save, and share the generated report from minimal data. In addition to it, with the help of this online school software, you can streamline the data and use it in the future.

What is QuickSchools software?

The QuickSchools software is capable of managing huge information including student information, information about the teacher, and parent access. With QuickSchools, tacking attendance is easy; be it tracking homework or the subject, the easy interface makes everything possible with just a few clicks.

Why is QuickSchools the best online school management system?

QuickSchools is the best online school management system because everything is just a click away. Here are the top 6 reasons why QuickSchools should be part of every school. 1. Intelligent School Scheduling. The software takes care of end to end scheduling of school classes and courses.

What is the benefit of QuickSchools?

The biggest benefit of having QuickSchools software is efficient tracking of fee and online payment. The software is simple and follows straightforward tracking of the fee. All this makes QuickSchools one of the Best online school management software. 5.

What is QuickSchools?

QuickSchools is a leading online school management system provider and is loaded with features, it caters all the tasks of a school administration system in a quick and efficient manner. This software works well for elementary school and also high schools. School management made effortless. Try for free. Get started.

What is a student database?

The student database is the centerpiece of our student information system. It is fully integrated with all other features within Quickschools, and offers a centralized view for school administrators, and teachers, to quickly find the information they need. Through powerful access right controls, you determine what information is available and what is shared with others.

What does "by continuing to use the website" mean?

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Information at a Glance

From the Home page, parents can quickly see recent activity like recent attendance, grades, homework assignments and disciplinary incidents. Events are listed on the right, and the Parent Message Board is at the bottom of the screen. Parents can click on the various elements to view more information.

Stay Informed

Schools can opt to share details on the various modules being used, like Attendance, Gradebook, Report Cards and Discipline. Certain apps from the App Store can also be shared with parents like the Online Forms app, the Library app, the IEP app, the Lunch Ordering app and so on. Check out the App Store for more info.

Stay Up-To-Date

Schools can allow parents to update their contact information and communication preferences. The Messaging module in QuickSchools takes into account the parents preferences before sending out an email, text or voice message.

Private Messaging

Schools can share a School Directory to allow parents to communicate directly (and privately) with teachers, as well as with other parents.

Support Included

Remember that parents get full support via Live Chat. And we’ll help them get acquainted with QuickSchools. You just need to invite them to your account. We’ll write up a new article on how to do this, but we have some older articles if you’d like to get started right away: