pusd us parent portal

by Brenden Roob 6 min read

What are the parent and student portals?

The Parent and Student Portals were created as a way for both parents and students to stay involved in the student's academic life. The PUSD Parent and Student Portals allow for better communication between parents, students and teachers. Parent and Student Portals have up to date information on:

How do I get Started with the parent portal?

To get started with Parent Portal, please visit your child's school to submit a Parent Access Form and have your identity verified by the school admin staff. Once verified, the school will provide you the following information needed to link your student:

Is there a mobile app version of the parent portal?

A mobile app version of parent portal is also available! NOTE: Mobile App has limited access only to Grades, Report Cards, Attendance, Contact and Demographic information. Los portales de padres y estudiantes se crearon como una forma para que tanto los padres como los estudiantes se mantengan involucrados en la vida académica del estudiante.


What is the parent portal?

The full name of the Parent Portal is Aeries Browser Interface, or ABI Parent Portal . Parents/guardians are able to view grades and attendance from the district's information system, Aeries. By setting up an account and/or logging onto the Parent Portal, you agree to abide by the Pasadena Unified School District rules and regulations.

How to use Aeries4parents?

To use the Parent Portal with your access code go to gopusd.com/aeries4parents. Users will first see the field to enter their email address only. Once they enter their email address and click "Next" the password field will then appear along with a "Sign in" button to continue once they've entered their password.

Is PUSD responsible for student information?

Users agree not to give anyone else their password, verification codes or any other personal information. PUSD will not be responsible for unauthorized access if the user has not been careful with their information.