portal 2 fatty fatty no parents

by Alphonso Gaylord 6 min read

Who made Portal 2?

WBTV contacted Sony, who we thought distributed the game. As it turns out they only make Portal 2 available on their console. They told us to contact Valve, the company that created the game.

Where did Stapel's wife adopt her daughter?

Stapel and his wife adopted their daughter from China and say they've never hidden the fact their child is adopted, they says they wanted to wait until she was ready to talk about.

Is Neal Stapel an adoptive parent?

Neal Stapel was playing the game with his 10 year old daughter, when he heard the comments. While he acknowledges it won't be a big deal to most, it is to their family. "If you're not an adoptive parent it's probably not that big a deal to you," he said. "It's a fantastic game. It's a great game.