polaris parent portal

by Aglae Pouros MD 8 min read

What is the Polaris patient portal?

The Polaris Patient Portal provides collection sites the ability to review and send patient results and use the data to conduct basic data analytics. The Polaris Reporting module provides an automated way to curate, standardize and send all patient data to their respective states to comply with state reporting regulations.

How do I get more information about the parent portal?

For more information about the Parent Portal, contact the Counseling Office at 209-6233, or the Technology and Information Services office at 209-6330.

What is digital Polaris digital partners?

Polaris Digital Partners provides a range of services that aid in advancing your practice and ensuring your patients are satisfied. The Polaris Patient Registration portal provides a lightweight, mobile-friendly website for patients to easily enter their required information prior to being tested.

What is Polaris solution?

The Polaris Solution was developed to assist Collection Sites be proactive in mitigating risk factors that have plagued this industry.


Your Digital Partner for Holistic Patient Testing, Including COVID-19

Polaris Digital Partners (Polaris DP) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company and providers of the Polaris Patient Platform. Our powerful, yet patient friendly technology and wrap-around professional services enables Collection Sites and other Providers of patient testing to provide unparalleled patient experience.

Digital Solutions, Automation, Integration and Industry Expertise

Our goal is to improve your operations through technology and automation, which in turn helps to improve patient outcomes. We do this by providing:

Who We Are & Our Values

At the core, we are strategists, technologists and overall problem solvers who are passionate about helping our clients realize their vision. Our founding guiding principle is that of doing right by our clients, and by doing it the right way.

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