parent portal thorndale

by Haley Lehner 5 min read

What is the parent portal?

Parent Portal is an online resource that allows parents to access up-to-date information on their students’ academic progress as well as to update changes to student/parent information. 1. Keep Track of Academic Progress

What's new at Thorndale ISD?

Jan. 3 and May 27 will now be staff work days, student holidays. . . . Thorndale ISD will now be accepting online payments through My School Bucks for technology related items such as Chromebook Insurance.

What is the TISD Parent Portal?

TISD Parent Portal accounts allow you to check student grades, report cards and attendance. All parents will be required to complete Back to School Student Registration online next school year. . . .

What is St Paul Thorndale?

St. Paul, Thorndale provides a foundational way for anyone to learn who Jesus is and what Jesus does. Come visit and see. Learn how you can be a part of something big.


What to do if you can't volunteer at school?

If you can't volunteer during school hours, ask what you can do from home or in an evening or on a weekend. You can find at least three hours. Volunteering helps you get firsthand experience at the school and that can help you better understand your child and the school.

How to be involved in your child's schooling?

Easy and important first steps are. establishing schoolwork as a priority over activities like television and games, setting aside time each day for homework, helping with homework, encouraging respect, hard work and responsibility and.

What is the importance of parental involvement in school?

The importance of parental involvement with the school is second only to involvement in the home. Involvement with the school includes: coming to open house and parent-teacher conferences and attending school functions. Visit the school web site and read school newsletters to keep informed.

Why is parental involvement important?

Parental involvement improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, improves behavior and restores confidence among parents in their children's schooling. It's simple to be involved with your child's schooling.