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by Novella Okuneva 3 min read

What is heritage xperiential learning school?

Welcome to Heritage Xperiential Learning School This is a web based portal, connecting Managements, Tutors, Students and Parents of educational institutes, otherwise known as "Connect 4M" standing for Motivators, Mentors, Mentees and Monitors.

What is the heritage community?

The Heritage Community is a therapeutic, residential treatment center for teens. Our students thrive in our small, home-like setting, receiving intensive, individual attention and participating in specialized, evidence-based programs and activities that help them overcome their personal difficulties.

How do parents/guardians set up a portal account?

To set up a new account, parents/guardians will need to show up in person (with a photo ID) at their child’s school. Parents/guardians will then receive an email that will contain a link with instructions on how to set up a new portal account.

What's new with the student portal?

Also, students have their own unique login to view their information. Also new with this product is the ability for parents/guardians to update their home phone number and email address as well as add non-household contacts.


For Parents

Below you will find information with important links to student information system, payment portal, uniform ordering website and more! Please be sure to log into your Educate Parent Portal to stay up-to-date on student grades, review the Parent Handbook, and stay in touch with your child’s teacher.

Uniform Policy

Heritage Academy has a uniform policy requiring students to wear uniforms daily. Tops with the Heritage Academy logo are available for purchase through Carter’s Uniforms, LLC. Plain dark blue, light blue, and white polo shirts can be purchased anywhere and the Heritage Academy logo can also be added by the same company who supplies our uniforms.

Who is the founder of Heritage School?

Our founder and CEO, Jerry Spanos, pioneered the revolutionary Heritage School Relationship Model for the residential treatment of at-risk youth. The Spanos model is now used in teen ...

What age group is the Transitional Program?

A unique transitional program that empowers boys to prepare to move from wilderness or residential programs to traditional schools, secondary or vocational school and more independent living. 16-18. Ages. Genders.

What is gender specific setting?

In a gender-specific setting, teens feel more empowered to share and work on self-development without the distractions, fears and discomfort that can pervade a co-ed environment. Students develop strong and enduring bonds, helping each other through the process of healing and growth.