parent aeries portal

by Prof. Verla Schuppe 3 min read

How do I access the parent portal?

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How to access parent portal?

To access the Schedule menu in the Client Portal:

  • Log in to the Client Portal at
  • Click the Schedule menu on the main menu bar Or, the Appointments widget in your Dashboard provides quick access to view your upcoming appointments
  • The Calendar view defaults to week view. ...
  • Click any appointment in the calendar to view all of the appointment details

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How to create Parent Portal?

How-To Create a NEW Aeries Parent Portal Account. Step 1: Contact school site and provide a valid email address . You will receive the following email . Step 2: ...

How to sign up for Parent Portal?

  • Students should sign into myState
  • Click the box in the top left corner next to the myState logo
  • Click on Banner link
  • Click on myBanner for Students
  • Under Academic Records, students will click on FERPA Release & Parent Portal Access
  • Click on add New Parent / Guardian and complete the required information, including an email address

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How to log into Aeries?

Log into Aeries by going to the Aeries Parent Portal for your School District or use the mobile app. You will see the login page and be able to enter your email and password, or use your google account to login.

How to find Aeries portal?

If you don't have your Aeries portal bookmarked and can't remember the URL, one way you can find it is to go to your favorite search engine and search your district name with the keyword 'Aeries' added at the end of the search text. If all else fails, you can contact your district.

What is the Aeries parent portal?

The Aeries parent and student portal is a website that parents and students can log into to check grades, update contact information, and see any other information the school provides to you.

What to do if you can't remember your Aeries password?

Please check your email for "Aeries" to see if anything has changed. If you cannot remember your password, at the login screen select forgot password. If you have trouble still, contact your district.

What happens after Parent Portal is enabled?

After the option is enabled, when Parents log into the Portal, they will see a pop-up asking them if they would like to preview the new Parent Portal.

What is summer reregistration?

Summer Re-Registration or Data Confirmation allows parents to edit student related information at any point in the year and have that information immediately posted to the Aeries database. Documents are also accessible through the system and digital signatures are collected for Authorization, Prohibitions, and Document Confirmations.

What languages are available in Aeries?

The Aeries Web Version Parent/Student Portal introduces multi-lingual support: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese Arabic and Armenian. When a language is selected, the text in the navigation structure is translated to the selected language. Some languages and screens also translate field headings and in the case of Arabic, the system adjusts to Right-To-Left format.

What is the new parent portal?

The new Parent Portal brings a new interface, navigation, and accessibility features. If you would like to have your Parents and Students preview the new Portal and provide Feedback on it, you can enable the option on the District Settings page, under Other Settings.

What does it mean when a parent sees a yellow message on the home page?

Any Alerts the Parent has received will appear in the Notification area in the bottom right corner. If Summer Re-Registration or Data Confirmation has not been completed the parent will see a yellow message indicating that they have not yet completed the Data Confirmation process.

Why is the student information header collapsed?

The Student Information Header defaults to collapsed to save space, but can be expanded for viewing.