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by Marcelino Raynor 6 min read

Why choose OHDELA K12 Online School?

When your student is part of the OHDELA online school, the school day and curriculum aims to best suit their educational and personal success. OHDELA K12 Online School allows for a safe, distraction-free online learning environment where every kind of student can thrive. Connect with Us!

Is OHDELA open for 2021-2022 enrollment?

Enrollment for our Ohio online school is open for the 2021-2022 school year. Apply today! OHDELA is an online public charter school in the state of Ohio serving students in grades kindergarten through 12th. Please view our enrollment resources & eligibility requirements and then create an account in our Online Enrollment Portal.

How can I support my student with OHDELA?

Student Portal. Keeping your student on-task, focused and involved in their schoolwork requires daily support. From helping them get signed in and situated at their workspace to ensuring that assignments and homework are completed, your student will look to you to be his or her constant support system throughout the OHDELA online school process.

Does OHDELA hold our curriculum to Ohio’s learning standards?

We hold our curriculum to Ohio’s learning standards to ensure that they are getting the most out of their education. OHDELA (Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy) is a tuition-free, non-sectarian, public, K-12 online charter school that creates a state-of-the-art educational experience using virtual schooling.


The OHDELA Online School Experience

Like a traditional brick and mortar school, OHDELA follows a traditional school year calendar and students take state required assessments. Students attend classes from the comfort of their home with less everyday distractions and enjoy one-on-one teacher interactions when they need it.

What support does OHDELA give me as a parent?

OHDELA’s learning management system gives parents instant access to classwork, calendar, access to dedicated teachers, important information, events, teacher contact details and ways to get involved and be engaged in your child’s education.


OHDELA is an online public charter school in the state of Ohio serving students in grades kindergarten through 12th. Please view our enrollment resources & eligibility requirements and then create an account in our Online Enrollment Portal.


Whether that includes questions about the enrollment process itself, the documents necessary for the enrollment or a number of other things, our enrollment specialists are ready and waiting for your call!


High speed internet and a working phone is required for ALL students enrolled at OHDELA. Please see information here about our Internet Reimbursement program.

What is the difference between OHDELA and OHDELA?

The OHDELA difference is a learning experience unlike any other. At OHDELA, students receive a high quality education that becomes a solid foundation for academic success and a lifetime of learning. At the same time, students have the ability to gain responsibility while enhancing their decision-making skills.

What is the Ohio Council of Community Schools?

The Ohio Council of Community Schools sponsors, oversees and monitors charter schools to ensure that they follow state and federal laws, policies and regulations. The OCCS is extremely invested in the progress of each school and confirms that each charter school is fiscally stable and academically prospering.

Our OHDELA Community: Supporting a Tuition-Free, K-12 Online School in Ohio

OHDELA’s offers a vibrant, supportive school community with various ways to connect, whether that be through a live class session, school event, or one of our social media channels.


By submitting this form, I expressly consent and authorize OHDELA and ACCEL Schools to contact me at the number (s) provided via text or short message service (SMS) as well as by phone, regarding educational matters.

Who can attend OHDELA?

Any students residing in Ohio who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and are between the ages of 5 and 21.

How do I enroll in OHDELA?

To start with the application process, click here. If you would like additional information on OHDELA, or have questions, you can contact our admissions department at 866-509-3099.

How long is the online school enrollment process?

After completing the online application form, a member of our enrollment team will be in contact with you to go over next steps. Please review our enrollment page for additional details on required documentation needed to complete the application process.

What do I receive when I enroll at OHDELA?

Besides a great education, you will receive all the resources and tools you need to set up the perfect learning environment for your student. Learn more about our virtual school and our student resources today.

Will OHDELA cover my Internet expenses?

OHDELA provides internet reimbursement to qualifying families. To determine eligibility, we look at financial qualifications, verification of internet service to the home, and a minimum student engagement level of 90 percent. The amount reimbursed is for $35 and is paid out every quarter.

What is a MyChoice account?

MyChoice gives you the opportunity to spend up to $200 per student per school year on supplemental academic programs near you that directly improve the academic achievement of your student at OHDELA, and you could be reimbursed for that expense based on the following criteria:

How can I get in contact with other OHDELA parents in my area?

Parents and students are connecting on the OHDELA Facebook and Twitter pages every day. Like our Facebook page and join the conversation or follow us at twitter.com/OHDELAschool. We also have community groups forming throughout the state of Ohio who engage in activities for the whole family including events hosted by OHDELA!