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by Dr. Beulah Wiza 4 min read

What is the student to faculty ratio at Ouachita University?

But did you know your preparation reaches beyond lectures and textbooks? Our low 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio means personal connections with professors and no impersonal lecture halls. It also means networking opportunities that could help launch your future career. You’ll engage with students from across the nation and around the world who bring their diverse backgrounds and passions with them to share. Add to the mix faculty members and guest lecturers who are top scholars in their fields, and you’ll leave here prepared for reasoned engagement with the world. Not sure what you want to study? No pressure. Our unique “Discover” program will help you find the right major for you.

Who is the Queen of Homecoming 2021?

Congratulations to our 2021 Homecoming Queen Erica Dixon! — 1st Runner up: Jazmyn Parker 2nd Runner...

How many degrees does Ouachita have?

Do you have college credits, but weren’t able to complete your degree? Ouachita has two degree...

Is the view from the stu joke?

Our view from the stu is no joke.

Is Ouachita University an undeclared major?

Ouachita can help. As an undeclared major at Ouachita, the DISCOVER program offers you the opportunity to learn more about yourself as Ouachita educates the whole student – mind, body and spirit. Ouachita’s liberal arts approach allows you to discover a variety of careers – as well as God’s calling for your life.

When will Ouachita University charge for books?

Books purchased through Ouachita’s online bookstore in your info portal may be authorized to charge to the student account from July 26, 2021 to September 3, 2021 by choosing the Student Account option. Book charges will begin posting to student accounts after a charge is initiated by the student. We encourage families to purchase books during tax-free weekend, August 7–8.

Where to find prebills for fall 2021?

Pre-bills for Fall 2021 have been posted to the Ouachita web portal, http://info.obu.edu, and are found on the main page of the Student’s Financial Information section or by using the pre-bill button located on the Parent Portal.