new century parent portal

by Turner Bogan 3 min read

Why choose the new century school?

Located in historic Fell’s Point, The New Century School offers an independent private school option to families in Baltimore, MD. Our approach aims to instill a lifelong love of learning in every child. Some unique aspects of TNCS include our emphasis on world cultures and language acquisition as well as art and music instruction.

What can I do with the new century health provider portal?

This will enable you to: Access valuable training materials Edit your personal profile, i.e. change password, etc. Learn more about using the New Century Health Provider Portal to submit prior authorization requests

How do I sign up for a Parent Portal account?

Pleaes be aware that all parents must registerto receive an account and be connected to his/her student(s). Please complete and sign the Parent Portal Access Form and return to the Jr. or Sr. High School Main Office. The form is available for download in the menu to the left.

How are new century Health’s clinical pathways interpreted?

“New Century Health’s clinical pathways are based on scientific data and then interpreted by a group of doctors. It’s very reassuring that it’s not done by an administrator, but by a group of highly qualified physicians who gave input into creating these clinical pathways.


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New Century International Elementary School

CCS School Counselors help students demonstrate a positive attitude toward themselves and others!

NCIES Homepage Welcome

We would like to welcome you to New Century International Elementary School! The international theme offers students, staff, parents, and our community a knowledge of other world regions and cultures.

Early Check Out ends at 2:30 pm

Student checkout ends at 2:30 pm. Please help us to make dismissal time fast and efficient by picking up your children for appointments before 2:30 pm.

Teacher Work Days

Monday, February 14, and Tuesday, February 15, 2022, are student holidays. The school will be closed to students for teacher workdays.

2021 - 2022 Bus Release Form

Pre-K and Kindergarten cannot be released from the bus without a parent or parent designee present. Find the link to the form here.