nativity parent portal

by Margot Larson 10 min read

Family Portal

Nativity utilizes the FACTS student information system as a single point tool to maintain family and student information, class information, student grades, etc. In addition, this system allows us to email Progress Reports and Report Cards directly to the Parents and Guardians of our students.


Nativity has partnered with FACTS Tuition Management to allow parents easy online management of their tuition account.


Nativity has partnered with SchoolPass to help maintain a healthy campus as well as improve the dismissal process due to COVID-19. All students must be cleared for on-campus each day by using the parent-submitted health checklist for each child attending school. SchoolPass will also digitally manage Nativity’s student attendance.

Nativity Calendar

Stay up to date with all school events by checking our Nativity calendar.

Nativity Weekly Newsletter

Reading the weekly newsletter is the best way for current families to stay updated with the latest information regarding all aspects of the life of the school.

Our Mission..

Nativity School's mission is to fully develop each student's God-given talents and abilities in a safe, respectful, Christ-centered environment based on the principles and traditions of our Catholic faith.

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Fr. Murnane loved all of God's children, watching them play, watching them learn, and watching them grow! He never wanted money to keep children from a Catholic education. Thank you for continuing his legacy here at Nativity by donating to a school he dedicated his life to.