narrabeen sports high parent portal

by Prof. Vallie Torp 4 min read

What is the Narrabeen Sports High School Sports Academy?

The Narrabeen Sports High School Sports Academy is embedded into the framework and curriculum of Narrabeen and it is open to any student enrolled at the school. As the School is a Selective Sports High School it means that any student living in Northern Sydney may apply for enrolment.

How do I access the parent and student portal?

The steps to access the Parent and student Portal are: All parents and caregivers, are emailed their Parent and student Portal letters with their unique access key. If you do not have one contact the school. Use Google Chrome to access the portal as some other browsers may not work as well.

What is the Sentral Parent Portal?

Parents Portal The Sentral Parent Portal provides a comprehensive online desktop environment for parents to keep in touch with their children’s life at school. It is the backbone of the Sentral for Parents mobile app.


Getting access to the portal

My child did not receive a Parent and student Portal letter or my child lost their portal letter.

Missing content links in the portal

I have registered for the parent portal and there are no links to the other sites used by students at PHS.